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+ 14 - Front Double Bi - (critique needed)


Ok, some of you saw my rear lat spread shot. So here's the front double bi. Currently working on bringing up the chest. Focusing on incline guillotine press and weighted dips for that, as pressing doesn't isolate the pecs very well for me. As well as bringing up the lower lats to make the sweep more dramatic. Also been working on the long tri head to bring the hanging tri sweep in more. Any other critiques or areas you guys feel I need to bring up. It's hard when you see yourself everyday, sometimes you need a third party perspective. Thanks

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thanks rusty. this pic is old tho haha like 10months ago now

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staunch plus 1

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Looking good bro

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great work!!! +1

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Huge.. absolute unit ! +1 for photo and your input on forums.

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Looking great my friend , plus one from me.

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I feel like I'm knit picking even saying this because you look amazing. You mentioned upper pecs. Other than that, I think your bis have beautiful peaks and they make it look as though you need some balance with the long head of your tris. I hate saying things like that to guys with better physiques than mine, it makes me sound like a hater. LOL

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thanks for the kind words brother, no hate felt. i know i can improve, i just want to build the best body i can, so if that means telling me straight what i need to work on so be it. haha ..ive been hitting my upper chest everyday since recovery is so quick, and hitting the long head on my tris just about everyday aswell. those were the two most prominent weak points imo, so its good to know at least that im not just seeing things and you concur.

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Beastin, keep crackin the normas and smashin weights

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Only critique I have...that wallpaper. Feel like jack tripper and Larry are gonna step out to the regal beagle!!! Lol. Stay away from Janet and Christi you beast!!


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LMAO! i know bro, house was built back in the 60s, and hasnt been updated since lol, but hey it was free so i aint complaining haha

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Congrats Bro.

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Looking good buddy +1

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You're looking great brotha! Are you prepping now or is this just an offseason pic? If that's the case, you wont have a hard time dieting since you're staying lean

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This is offseason. I'm not as lean as I'd like to be atm. Coming off winter bulking, i'm leaning down for a photoshoot to update my portfolio because I'm eventually trying to get into other industries other than BBing. Fitness modeling, acting, ect. And I need to be diced at 6-7% for that. And I want to work on bringing certain areas up before I step on stage.

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Very impressive, hard work pays off

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I think you're pretty balanced with no obvious weak points. Just keep doing what you're doing big fella, it works for you.

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Appreciate that Cat. I'll keep grinding away

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