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+ 7 - Drying out - looking Grainier!!


Just hitting a couple shots in the gym. My girl isn't the most experienced with taking posing pics so the side chest was taken before the abs were pulled in and serratus were flexed so please be nice haha. I'm drying out a bit and looking grainier despite going out for AYCE sushi the night before lol

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Nice shots..your looking fantastic

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Looking good bro.. Cant wait to see the final product

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Looking good bro keep at it

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Atta boy, Looking thick, lean & mean, also noticed some slightly gyno or perhaps your nips just look puffy who knows... +1

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mainly just lighting and the way the pose positions the chest. no itchiness or puffiness just standing regularly. the side chest gives a more accurate representation of how they look day to day. i can see what you mean in the front lat spread tho. never had an issue before