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  • GreatSpear   •   Tue, Sep 17th, '19 18:58   •   5 replies, 650 views

NOTE: Simple Mass Spectrometry is not enough to determine dosage and purity of tested substance.
Tests done with GC/MS, LC/MS/MS or HPLC methodes are considered much more reliable!

Sources: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

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So I got my bloods back today, some things look good, others are concerning. Unfortunately the negatives are all in topics I am not well versed in, so there’s a lot of research I’ll be doing about Thyroxine, AST and ALT.

I’ve been slacking on my cholesterol supplements since my last blood work and it shows since my cholesterol has stayed pretty flat.

My previous endos, nor any of my other doctors in the past 3 years, have ever tested my T3 and T4, shame on them I suppose. It’s always only been TSH they tested. Now I wonder if hypothyroidism was the cause of my low T in the first place and they never bothered to test it.

But enough of that! Now for the good stuff. I had to take 10 days off of godt240 last month due to a work trip, and decided to make up for it by doubling my dose for the two weeks before my bloods. So on 5iu of godt240 I’m having IGF-1 of 563, nice!

I’ve been taking 500mg/wk of DP test cyp 250 that I got on promo from RoidBazaar and my levels are at 1803.8 total, I’ll take it! Normally, I show low total levels on my TRT dose, so 1803 is a number I am very happy with. Free test is also off the charts, so we know free is good, but not how good.

I switched to 12.5mg DP Aromasin from RoidBazaar per day for my AI on this blast and it is working perfectly, e2 is sitting at 31. Normally with my Arimidex I feel like I fluctuate too much taking it once a week, but I feel great right now. Keeping it a little on the high side of where I normally keep it in order to help with growth while I’m on this blast, it seems to be working out great!

Now time to do some research on AST/ALT and T4.

Edit: one more thing, my blood draw appointment got pushed back and I ended up eating a Lenny and Larry’s cookie about an hour and a half before my blood draw, so it wasn’t totally fasted. Would this mess up my results at all?


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  • vengar
  • 8 months ago

Normal TSH with low T4 are signs of either central or tertiary hypothyroidism. Either due to an under active pituitary or hypothalamus, not the thyroid gland itself. Luckily it's not autoimmune or your TSH would be elevated, that condition would be much harder to manage.

You're physician or endo should have a full thyroid panel done, and from there maybe a scan of your thyroid to rule out any nodules. Best of luck bro. +

Growth hormone therapy, which may be used in children and adults, is now also recognized as a possible cause of unmasking CH in susceptible individuals. In addition, mutations in genes, such as TRHR, POU1F1, PROP1, HESX1, SOX3, LHX3, LHX4 and TSHB, have been associated with CH. The difficulty in making a clear diagnosis of CH is that the serum TSH levels can vary; values are normal in most cases, but in some might be low or slightly elevated. Levels of endogenous T(4) in serum might also be subnormal.


Compared with primary hypothyroidism, however, clinical manifestations of central hypothyroidism might be masked by symptoms of coexisting hormone deficiencies such as hypoadrenalism and hypogonadism.

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  • Bearded_muscle
  • 8 months ago

Alt and ast are somewhat individual specific. Ever since I started weight lifting in high school I’ve always had elevated values, usually 40-50 but they go up if I use an oral. Heavy training and lots of food can aggravate it as well as the liver has to keep up with certain metabolic functions.

Keep an eye on it.

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  • PallMall
  • 8 months ago

Alt is a marker of your livers health..

It’s almost double the high end of the range..

Something you’re doing is aggravating your liver, which is the only organ that can heal itself, but there are limits...

Taking any pills at all? You mentioned aromasin... any Tylenol, Advil,anything really..alcohol at all?

Tren can raise liver values as well..

T4 may be due to prolonged hgh usage. When high quantities are being used there comes a point when supplemental t3/t4 is needed to maintain normal levels.

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No pills or recreational drugs. very little alcohol and only a couple times per months at that.

Edit: okay, so I’m not too worried about it any more, but will continue to monitor it. This post definitely helped to calm my mind about it: https://www.eroids.com/forum/general/general-talk/elevated-ast-or-alt-what-to-do-read-this-and-find-out#comment-2993034

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Put you mind at ease. You have to look at the whole picture. If it was your liver Alkaline Phosphatase would also be elevated. Bilirubin would be elevated. Albumin should be low. Always add a GGT test which is more liver specific. If it's normal then you know it's from muscle damage due to exercise.

Your t4 levels may be related to your hgh use. Some experience a higher conversion of t4 to t3 while on hgh. It's been discussed here so many times. Search hgh use and t4