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Medicinal plants, their purpose and the free discussion of their uses
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morning glory seeds
MedDx May, 2015
They work...i crushed up 3g. Its been 5 hrs and me and my wi...
MedDx, 7 years 10 months ago 1
Has anyone attempted an alkaloid extraction recently?
Nitti Feb, 2015
I did a DMT extraction from Acacia confusa that yielded a bu...
simonmagus84, 7 years 12 months ago 3
Ego dissolving hallucinogens
Nitti Jan, 2015
To all you ppl who didn't have astonishing experiences on ps...
Nitti, 8 years 1 month ago 7
compound x
MedDx Jan, 2015
This is aka black salve. Ingredients are galangal, blood roo...
MedDx, 8 years 4 weeks ago 2
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  • Krantom
    SexWeightsProteinShakes Jan, 2015
    I have seen this stuff popping up on other sites. I actually...
    Anonymous, 8 years 2 months ago 6
    Courtesy of Steveb
    Nitti Dec, 2014
    I need more information like this. Wake up muthafuckers...
    humpnpump, 8 years 3 months ago 2
    Engineereddisaster Dec, 2014
    Wasabi. I love this shit. It's anti bacterial, anti fungal...
    Anonymous, 8 years 2 months ago 13
    Nitti Dec, 2014
    This shit is no joke either. It's the plant that grows in th...
    zeb0312, 8 years 3 months ago 5
    Mushrooms and hallucinogens and clusterheadaches
    irongame427 Dec, 2014
    So ive been suffering from a condition or disease whatever y...
    Steveking1980, 8 years 2 months ago 18
    Nitti Dec, 2014
    I can't find any reputable suppliers of Mimosa hostilis root...
    kodiakGRRL, 8 years 3 months ago 11
    Mushroom links
    Pale Dec, 2014
    I figured this would be a good place to start a thread on m...
    humpnpump, 8 years 3 months ago 4
    When you join,...
    Nitti Dec, 2014
    Don't be like people in the past who just watch silently. It...
    jimmycrackcorn, 8 years 2 months ago 41
    Nitti Dec, 2014
    This might be a hit, might not. But I have a deep seeded int...
    juiceball8082, 8 years 2 months ago 40
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