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This is aka black salve. Ingredients are galangal, blood root, yellow dock, licorice, Zn Cl. Strength has changed since 1996, which was when i first used it. I have used it internally and topically. There is some info out there on it. Used it to remove molloscum off a body scary...thought it was gonna fall off!! Used it to treat several spider bites. Feels like it goes to the bone. Used it to remove a black mole.

First time using internally, i used it to for back pain. I took it with food and it still made my stomach kind of burn. It went away in 15 minutes. I woke up the next morning feeling like i had been scraped clean from the inside. Back pain was gone. The second day, i coughed up a thick gray piece of phlegm about the size of a dime. Later that day, i had a BM that popped out like a golf ball. It looked like snuff in the water. I used again a year later with two buddies. Me, and one other one, threw it up...the other one was fine except he had a burn that he claims healed faster than he had ever seen. The last time i used it internally, it brought me closer to the moon. It has some property in it that remembers how much you took before. It scraped me clean again. It will be three years this April, since i have used it. I like it and i have a huge amount of respect for it.

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Wow, that sounds pretty wild. I'll have to look into that a little bit. Thanks.

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you are welcome..if you want the name of the place i get it from let me know....