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Weight loss Help and Advise



Currently I am sitting at 85kg and according to my scales (I know these are not the most accrete way of measuring body fat) 27% BF. My aim is to get down to around 10-12% BF at a body weight of around 80-81KG. Please can I have some advise on how to do this correctly and over what time frame I should realistically aim for?

I am currently on TRT through my local consultant which has reduced my BF already notably over the last 9 months. I exercise 4 times a week but currently do not lift any weights.

I currently do not count my calories but am eating all home cooked food and keep my protein high and making sure that carbs are kept sensibly to a minimum. Any advise and guidance will very much be appreciated.

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Hey Makwa I read what you have laid out. So I'm confused my average is about 3010 calories a day at 255lbs. Which is 11.80 calories per lb of bodyweight. So 8x255= 2040cals for protein. 4.5x255= 1147cals for fat. So the total of 12.5g for protein and fats I get but obviously I can't subtract 12.5 from 11.80 to calculate my carbs or I have a negative value. So what am I doing wrong or does that mean I don't eat any carbs at all. Any help is much appreciated

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Pretty much have it laid out for you here. You need to start counting cals and macros or you are just pissing in the wind trying to lose fat. Home cooked meals, high protein, sensible carbs doesn't mean shit if it doesn't fit within your TDEE goal of losing weight. Eating healthy doesn't mean the same thing as losing weight. Trial and error aren't very effective when trying to lose weight. You need to know what and exactly how much you are eating if serious about losing fat.

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Go on a daily caloric deficit of 250 calories. You can find out what your daily maintenance number of calories is first by using a TDEE calculator. Weigh yourself for seven consecutive days to find out what your average body weight is as it will fluctuate throughout the week due to water retention and so on. The reason you should not exceed a deficit of more than 250 calories per day is for several reasons, not least of which being that if you lose the weight too fast you will have loose skin. Instead, by being in a deficit of 250 calories per day, you should lose no more than 2 pounds of fat per month - that is a nice and steady way to do it. You also want to incorporate weight lifting with your cardio routine as this will aid in tightening your skin and increase your metabolism. More importantly, losing too much weight too fast is not healthy. In addition to causing loose skin, it can also create a host of issues both physically and psychologically. It is very taxing on people to drop a lot of weight in a short amount of time.

Do it the right the way, bro! Slow and steady wins the race. You will not regret it if you take your time to reach your goals. In the end it will pay off, and you will not have to worry about the problems associated with losing the weight too fast.

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You will need to count calories/macros and start a deficit. This is the proper way to lose weight. Do not worry about a body weight goal, just worry about your actual BF%.

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Check the article below. It is extremely well written, easy to understand and has all the information you will ever need to accomplish your goals. Good luck brother!