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+ 6 UGFREAK order lands in 10 days!!!


I received a tracking number on April 16th and it arrived yesterday on April 26th. 10 days is pretty dang fast for international. I was graciously accepted for there last promo and also bought something extra to try.
8xTesto P 100 Para Pharma
2xDecan P 150 (NPP) Para Pharma
1x Primo 200 Para Pharma (This was a paid item)
I will be using the testosterone at my regular 100mg a week trt dose and adding a small dose of NPP 100-150mg a week for my joints and a small dose of Primo 50-80mg a week to help keep estrogen dialed in. I will also be running 3iu of Paratropin HGH that is on the way. I have my trt bloodwork scheduled in July and will post my results and my honest review afterwards.

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Thank you for the picture. We appreciate it! Glad you're satisfied with our service and we look forward to reading your feedback on the gear. Enjoy!

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Thanks so much @ugfreak I just pinned my first dose of the Test Prop and it was super smooth and painless. I look forward to trying the other products in the next couple of days. Once I get my trt bloodwork results back in July I will post the results and leave a thorough honest review.

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I have a guy running that test pro now and hes coming along really good

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Thanks for the feedback bro! I just pinned my first dose of the test prop a little while ago. It was smooth and painless.