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This is my first cycle and I have all the compounds except for the last two weeks of test E. I have enough test E for 10 weeks, but I would like to continue the cycle for 12 weeks. Instead of getting test E for the last two weeks, I was thinking about getting test Prop for the two weeks to help define my gains more. For my cycle, I want to add mass, but want it to be more lean mass.

My Cycle:

1 - 10 weeks: Test E. 500mgs/week (two injections 250mg each, one Monday and one Thursday)
11-12: Either Test E. (same dosage) or Test Prop.
On Cycle Therapy:
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (to prevent water retention and gyno)

PCT: (four weeks, started two weeks after last test E shot)

Nolva: 50/50/25/25
Clomid: 100/100/50/50

I also have anavar. Could taking 50mgs anavar the last four weeks of cycle with test prop. option help define my gains? I know it is advisable to just use test E 12 weeks first cycle, but I was wondering what anyone's thoughts were when using test prop. and anavar to help define gains first cycle. I want to gain muscle mass, but would like for it to be as lean as possible. Any advise would be great, thanks!

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Thanks for coming in here with a general understanding of what a first cycle shoud look like, thumbs up from me!

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thx for the positive feedback...u wouldn't happen to know that test E, since it takes four weeks to kick in (long ester), does that mean that possible negative side effects, particularly excess DHT and aggravation of male pattern baldness would not occur for four weeks? I was wondering because I have Finasteride right now, but I am going to get a topical solution (on my to do list lol), so I was wondering if I had to worry about it immediately after the start of my cycle or a little way in around 4 weeks

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thx for the advice I didn't realize that finasteride increases estrogen and gyno would be kinda horrible on my first cycle lol

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Yea, your close I'm 24. So what do you think about test prop. at end, var, or what you would recommend?

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thanks for the advice, so with the var there is no time in-between before I should start PCT? for example, with test E there is a two week gap between cycle and PCT...also I was wondering with the test E. I know it takes about four weeks for it to kick in (longer ester), so does that mean that side effects like excessive levels of DHT in the scalp (hair loss) wont occur if no prevention (like topical solution) is not used during the first four weeks or so?