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8 days since last pin. PCT question


I have been on a TRT dose of Test E for about 8 weeks.
Before that was on 300mg a week (150mg E3D), 600mg a week (300mg E3D) and before that 800mg a week (guesstimate doses as no clear to tell).
Have been wanting to come off for a while and so tapered down from what is above this line to now 150mg a week.

8 days clear of any injection but feel shutdown. Struggled in the gym today and mental and psychological sides were unreal.
I know the advised time is around 14 days but is there an issue starting earlier? ie now?

The PCT I have is a combination from Pharmaqo with proviron in it as well as tadalafil.
My thinking was with proviron being used to treat hypogonadism that could boost my T levels. But what is stopping me is knowing that it will do it artificially so setting me back even further.

Either way this shutdown is a b*tch. Looking for advice.


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The PCT I have is a combination from Pharmaqo with proviron in it as well as tadalafil.

When did the PCT protocol change??

As for feeling shut down,..... just get some sterile water and inject yourself.

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I don't know. That's the ingredients.
Clomid, Nolva, Tadalafil, Mesterolone.

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8 days on no test and you already feel shut down? Its all in your head. Learn about half times and how long test stays in your system until its completely out. Basically you are saying that anyone taking trt 8 days after their last shot should start feeling lazy, lack of libido, and tired. I wonder about all those people who take 1 shot every 2 weeks, they must be suicidal right? Look up the term hypochondriac and see if you might fall into that category. You obviously have been abusing test and want to get off of it. DO your pct right and you wont feel like shit as much as you think.

After 8 days you still have at least 20-50mg of test, the human body produces 3-7mg a day naturally.

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Trt 8 weeks
300mg before that
800mg before that

Wanting to come off for a while

Since op isnt honest...sounds like hes been on long enough hes wrecked. Rip lil testicles

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2 years on but around 10 or so month of that TRT due to lockdown so not all bad. Never went above 800mg a week. Wouldn't say wrecked as I only run a single compound throughout my cycle and have done for years. Don't like coming off though but it has to be done once a while I feel. I did 2 and a bit years completely off and didn't mind it at all once I recovered but didn't cycle off with PCT so I am trying to get this one right

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2 years on

Your balls are dead. Thats wrecked bruh. Trt is for life and your axis is fried.

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I get where you are coming from but people blast and cruise forever which is still being on.
Some people don't come off for years and years. And they take multiple compounds with multiple esters and at high doses. 800mg is my max and that's pushing it for me. That feels like too much so I end up taking it down to around 600mg, which is where I started out at my first cycle, and with the same compound. Most of the time I am on no more than 300mg a week as my goto dose. I did a solid year of messing with different compounds but that was short lived.

You're either effing with me or you have a point. My axis probably is fried. I was delayed puberty anyway and gear was what got me going through that in my mid twenties when it should have been my teens and early twenties. No hair on my chest until I was turning 26-27. Testosterone was never my friend. I didn't have much to hold onto and level of mass naturally held has always been small. Small joints, small frame etc.

You gotta do what you gotta do to get it done. I chose gear and I spend most of the time using gear at decent doses nowadays and for the past few years. Diet is decent, sleep, lifestyle choices. Resting heart rate sits around 38-40BPM. 5k record stands at almost 19 minute. Rowing 5k is less than that by a pretty sum. I haven't crumbled yet and I am in really good shape. I was doing trail runs off the gear and trained for a local level sprint triathlon and was 4 minutes faster than last years top spot, and that was with my trademarked low T. I will see what the aftermath of this cycle brings for me by taking a solid few years completely off and if it's too much then I'll either get checked for low T or prescribe the gear myself.

But yeah, my balls are dead. I can't argue with that! haha

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blast and cruise forever which is still being on.


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How long were you on the other doses?
Provi has shown with bloodwork from members here that it also shuts you down. Wouldn't recommend using that in PCT.
Need to remove brand name.

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On for about 2 years. I was on higher doses for however long gyms were open during the craziness of last few years. Tapered down a bit though even during gyms opened. Probably was highest this time last year at 800mg a week after really laying out a good strength program and going for it but that was short lived obviously due to everything going on so back down to TRT dose. This year went up to around 800mg a week for a few months but couldn't handle cardio anymore so tapered down to 150mg again where I have remained since. Probably never spent more than 3-4 months on high dose in total. My training base doesn't permit it anyway, do a standard 30mi a week cardio rowing, running, cycling etc.

EDIT: mg dosage referring to just Test E, as that's all I use and always ever needed