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Is eating a lot on Trenbolone Acetate bad?


I am on Trenbolone Acetate and today I had a Burger from Five Guys with a ton of fries, and two grilled Chicken breast, and Protein Shake, is this bad? Will I be able to pin Tren tomorrow? I know that Tren cuts you up but I need to eat to get big right?

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Once you have a better diet nailed down, you can see that having the occassional junk meal is ok and even beneficial to your progress. Tren will help with that, but first you should really take some time and study the basic diet principles.

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wtf?.Why go on tren with a shitty diet?

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Man.... Minus the burger and fries this is one meal. Well really not even one full meal.

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Trenbolone will add mass on your no matter what you eat. But if you are eating high fat foods on a regular basis a lot of that new added mass WILL BE FAT.

Trenbolone helps burn off excess carbs, that is one of it's mechanisms of action. Trenbolone prevents the conversion of carbs into fats. But it can do nothing against fats that you eat so if your diet is high in fat your will store a high amount of fat.

Its pretty easy just eat a high protein low fat diet and you will put quality mass on with trenbolone, regardless of your carb intake. It's sad that even with trenbolone's amazing nutrient partitioning effects some people still can not get decent results with the drug.

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Always giving the best advice J. -Ecth farmers give fina (tren) to cattle before transporting them to slaughter so they'll retain their muscle/weight before being auctioned. Fina is so powerful that the cattle gain mass standing motion for days during the trip. A shitty meal won't fuck up your cycle bro.

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Trenbolone will add mass no matter what you eat

Improves feed efficiency In cattle. They don't feed them any more than normal but they still gains lean mass. Discontinued for human use because it worked "too well"

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Sounds to me like you wanna cut and gain muscle at the same time and you read this somewhere and based on that idea you choosed to get a hold of some Tren A. The whole idea of eating whatever while on Tren is been missused and this shit can be harmfull for your ass, considering that this drug increases hearth rate to certain extent as well as junk food does. You my friend got a lot more of reading to do about AAS since your question is pretty "clueless"
Wny_muscle got you on point, follow his advice. Cheers.

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You're trolling I hope... Stats?

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As long as it's clean that's never a bad thin on cycle. Don't eat garbage food and you're good!!!

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Tren or any gear for that matter is no excuse to pig out.

One of the main sides of steroids is the negative effect on lipids. Crushing burgers and fries while juicing will only make things worse.

You need to eat smart and train smart to get big. Gear is only going to wreck you if you have yet to figure out the other aspects. Get your diet in check man, tren isn't going to 'cut you up' eating like that. You're seriously misusing it's nutrient partitioning effects.

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((Shaking My Damn Head))

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You need to stop the tren and do some research.
And If u think this is a lot of food you should stop using aas and get your diet in check asap.