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Cycle advice


Hey guys,

Been awhile since my last cycle. Tren was king for me but not at the stage in my life for that intensity and side effects.

Is there a compound or cycle comparable to a tren test and mast cycle?

I was thinking just test winny and anavar


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Test NPP mast

I like DHB also but the PIP is as bad as anything else I've had with PIP. Really gotta cut it 1 to 1 (at least) with something else.

I'd like to try ment

I'm in the same boat as you as far as not wanting to run tren. Winny taxes me also. Destroys my liver.

I like the npp/mast combo. Get big and keeps the water weight off ya.

I really love Anavar now. Wish I woulda discovered it earlier on.

Test dhb and mast ID like to try.

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Oh yeah anavar is great and you can run it a little higher too. Great if winny isnt your thing. I only run winny for 4 weeks and double the dose the last week if I was prepping for a show or vacation

This is 100mg of winny for 1 week

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I would go for Test, Masteron and DHB.

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That's probably what I would do.
Test/ment/mast may be my favorite bulking stack now though Lol

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ment really that awesome huh? Can you compare it to anything? Is it like running NPP and androl or something?

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Thanks for the suggestion. Any particular reason why you are suggesting mastering? Not too familiar with DHB.

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You said you like mast, no? Lol

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