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+ 1 Pinning Oils with a 29 Gauge Slin Pin!


A few days ago somebody mentioned down one of the threads pinning oils with a 29 gauge slin pin! Sounded a bit unrealistic but I did a bit of research and what I read convinced me that it might be worth a try. So today I gave it ago. I used a 1ml 29 gauge slin pin to draw some Centrino Sustanon. Firstly I warmed the oil and the slin pin. Inserting the slin pin into the vial I then pulled back the stopper to the required volume. At this point it looks as though there isn’t a hope in hell of the oil entering the syringe. The plunger simply wants to retract to the fully evacuated position due to the unequal pressures. I held the plunger at the required position using a small Bulldog Clip and left it on the radiator top. When I returned two or three minutes later the syringe was filled all the way to the required level. So I proceeded to pin my quad. It takes much less force to push the plunger down then you might think due to the small diameter of the plunger the force applied creates a relatively high PSI and the oil expels quite easily. It probably takes around 20-30 seconds to pin 1ml. So hopefully that will cause less scaring and increase the range pinning sights. Possibly not so good for doing the glutes unless you are ultra lean, but then a big one in the ass never hurt anyone! NO HOMO

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I inject all my oils with an 1cc 29 gauge insulin syringe. I made a special holder for my vial that let's them hang upside down with the insulin syringe in it. I hit my delts and glutes everyday.

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To get it deep enough into the muscle you really need to jam it in.

I tried it once and it goes in easy, but because you are pushing in so hard and because the needle is so much thinner, it's very likely that you will bend it. I went to pull the needle out and wondered why it wouldn't come. Turns out it was bent at 60 degrees.

The pip from the insulin pin was far worse than a 25g(probably because it was bent), and with a 25 you know you are getting it deep enough and you aren't gonna snap it off.

I'm pinning every day with a 25, it's not bad at all, and aint worth the risk of using an insulin pin.

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Went in smooth as for me and no PIP. I have been using a 23 to draw and pin up until now and no problem. Going to run with the slin pin for a while and see how it goes. May change my mind after a while so will see.

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Try backloading the syringe its alot easier just pull the plunger out and put the oil in where the plunger goes with a reg needle

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Considered that too Carn but just means buying more pins. Cheap enough I know but draws in easy enough anyway as long as you're not in a rush.

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Yea ur right i just think slin pins on quad injections at least for me are more bearable so ill use a few needles just for less pain