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EQ future run and blood donation rbc concerna


181 lbs
10% bf ish

So I have been sitting on some EQ for awhile now and was considering a winter bulk test / EQ run. I know many people consider mast better which I have tried out with decent results ( and thank God no hair loss if a little flaky) but as far as future run I’ve seen a mix of doses from 600-1000 for EQ but more so I’m concerned about high rbc and what sides that has/ how often you “usually” donate I. Your experience running EQ although I know I will need bloods to determine that for myself.
I’m a less is more guy, so far stayed away from tren mix ( mix 3) I have and any harsher compounds I can. I stay in lower dosage (test e 350-400) and results seem fine for now20 lbs gained and fat loss lost 2 lbs when cut up but gained it back after losing water weight for most part;: I Have run just test e with good results, as well as test e/Mast e and Provi with good results and almost 0 need for an AI, after needing it regularly with test alone.
Anyway I’m asking for any feedback from EQ experienced individuals and any tips or sides I may not know about and how well dealing with rbc went. Don’t need to be spoon fed but cycles that worked for you/AI needs etc. I have also heard EQ can lower the need for an AI as well? Let me have it, any and all feedback appreciated!

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I'd just run Deca instead and build some proper muscle and bulk - EQ is just headaches, anxiety, high BP and RBC increasing over time for very little muscle gain. I've run both and Deca or NPP are much better Good You gotta think - why take something designed to make a racehorse run quicker?

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Mast wont add size and not like eq at all.

I dont think eq has to be run super high if its quality. 400eq 600test should be plenty for first time. I woulnt frontload etc....just let it do its thing. Look at 16 weeks. Monitor bp should be dailu on ANY cucle. Hydrate. Donate blood week 8imo

looks like youve been on cycle since you got here?

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Ok yea that would be more in range with what I would be thinking to run, especially first run with a new compound. I wasn’t sure about the mast comparison; just saw on a few posts looking through here but just some opinions/responses to older topics.
I do keep up on regular blood work ( more than I probably need ) but I like to see it on paper and check my bp about once a week unless I feel I need to more. I had seen front loading talk but I’d rather keep it simple unless absolutely advised.


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Purchase taurine. Back pumps can get harsh. Feels like workoing out to full pump on lower back and tautine fixes that.

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Perhaps I’m not the best person to take advice from when it comes to EQ (or steroids in general) as I’ve only ran it once but it shot my RBC sky high and it took ages to come back down on 750 (?) per week. I think I front loaded it also. Ran for 8 weeks.

Donating blood to lower RBC is what vitamin C is to fighting a cold. The best thing you can possibly do in my opinion is plenty of cardio, cycle responsibly, eat a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats and monitor bloods. Many swear by blood donating however but from all the scientific evidence and blood tests I’ve seen I formed this opinion.

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Yea I’ve heard about the RBC being an issue and high with EQ as well as appetite increase which could be a good thing; but mostly just heard to donate, seems to be what I’ve read on it so far. I’ve been eyeing EQ for awhile.

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