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+ 7 Life saving breakfast (imo)


I've been eating this breakfast almost every morning for a few months now. I feel it has helped my body in many ways. I wanted to share it with whoever wants to read it, in hopes it may help someone else.

200g of kefir (this specifically for a bacteria called Limosilactobacillus Reuteri)
30g chia seeds
15-20g protein powder
Mix it all together and let it sit for around 20 min (to get the chia seeds to swell a bit)

It makes almost a tapioca pudding texture (which I like, but some may not)

This concoction has 10g, 40% of your daily fiber, around 25g protein (thanks in large part to protein powder), and a lot of gut healthy bacteria.

Chia seeds are pretty nutritious. By mass they're around 1/6 protein, 1/3 fiber, and 1/3 fat.

I feel a lot of people are deficient in good gut flora, especially in the US, and it's easy to overlook. To help your gut microbiome, you would need to eat kefir everyday for around a month to start seeing results.

I've gotten my lipid panels done, and my LDL was just a bit high 105 mg/dL, but overall cholesterol is great. I feel my body processes food better, and just functions better overall thanks to this blend.

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I have tried kefir before but just can't do it. I brew my own kombucha and drink that for my gut health.

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Also, have you tried incorporating chia seeds? Put in like 10g or so, shake it up, let it chill for like 10 minutes, snake it up, let it chill another 10 minutes.

Do you have instructions for the kombucha??

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I have chia but I usually just use them in my protein muffins. Kombucha is pretty easy. google it. Lots of different flavors you can try.

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Kombucha is good, too Smile I say whatever works best for you. I need to read up on how to ferment my own stuff, I think that would be fun.