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-1 Best suplements that works like a drug


Best suplements that works like a drug

  1. Berberine extracted from a plant known to be one of the most powerful supplements on earth . Is primary goal is lower blood sugar improving insulin sensitivity . Today is very well known as being same potency level as metformin doing that without ythe side effects of metformin.

  2. Curcumin is a popular spicy and I use in all my foods because I know is the best natural anti inflammatory product and being the same potency as many anti inflammatory drugs on pharmacy.

  3. Red Yeast Rice is not as strong as medication for lower cholesterol but is very strong doing that and without the side effects .

  4. Garlic that we all know and use in our cuisine is something amazing for our health . Is amazing for your heart and also reduces 10 to 15% your bad cholesterol , reduces blood pressure .

Now you can take care of your help without using any drug from pharmacy , of course they are not as strong but if the main goal is health this is the best choice .

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I eats tons of garlic benefits truly unnoticeable...Curcumin I consume much as well, again unnoticeable benefits...