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First time Deca Cycle, in addition to Test C


Been on TRT (Test C) for about a year. 200 mg, split to 100 twice a week. I want to add Deca for gains and joint relief.

Any advice on dosage? I have read 2:1 test to D. A lot of mixed reviews on here.

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I personally have to do 2:1 but its kinda up to you to play with. Id start there and if you feel like going up then go up.

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For is some joint relief 100 mg/wk would probably do it for you. Doing 50 mg twice a week does it for me. It will take several weeks for it to really saturate you're system and start kicking in. NPP would get in the system and working even faster. After 4-6 weeks you'll need to go get some bloodwork done to see how your system is handling the deca and adjust from there. Not sure how much gains you would get from just 100 mg/wk though.

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I just started NPP. Ive heard alot and read alot as well. I feel like a safe starting spot is 2:1. That seems like the "traditional" way to run it. After a time under your belt with a 19-Nor I feel like you and I both will have a better understanding of how our bodies handle a 19-Nor and can determine next time if we should up the Deca/Npp or lower it or up the test, etc etc..

But for me personally I decided to go with the 2:1.