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Today was a great day in the gym i benched 260 three sets of 8....which is awesome for me cause i have some long ass arms....i dont believe in maxing out so i have no ideal what my max is....bench has always been my weak point till i started using nothing but dumbells....anyway guess this can be another testament that banners gear works.....hope everyone is having a great weekend......

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Man used to bench 155 that was my max lol i started using nothing but dumbells and wow what a difference it made....i started with like 55s and slowly got up to 120s on my last cycle....unfortunatly my gym only has up to 100s so im back to the barbells hoping to reach 300 by the end of this cycle....if i can get three sets of 6-8 @300lbs im gonna be one happy mofo

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I push it but i dont push it to hard....i lift what i know i can get off me if need be cause most the time i dont have a i keep it safe trust me and most times i just use the 100lb dumbells but i was feeling froggy today haha and there was guy in there i had spot me

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Spoken like a true vet. This is why I almost never use the bench press, dumbbells for me.

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