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+ 8 How did you get here?


How did you get here?

Googled "website name review"
8% (5 votes)
Googled bb/fitness/product related keywords
34% (20 votes)
Referred by a friend
32% (19 votes)
A goat I rented at a local Rent-A-Goat had "PROPERTY OF GREG[MOD]" branded in, still hot...
25% (15 votes)
Total votes: 59
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I was one day looking for something more, no homo, and came, no homo, across Eroids and it changed my life. My life was nothing more than killing hookers and running scams in the trailer park.
It was here that I was able to bring to the world the no homo guidbook. It was here that I taught the world how to run a cycle in the joint. It was here that I became a man. I never would have guessed that as a 13 year old kid, that I would fit in and find a home, no homo.
Hope that helps, all my love, no homo

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I want a pro tag too, it's only fair.

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I was recommended by a friend. The knowledge contained here blows everything else out of the water.

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I actually stumbled across it one day by a users post on another forum. That forum sucked! I love Eroids because you get instant attention on posts. On some forums you wait weeks to get one responses sometimes. Here so many members contribute. It’s great. Thanks for making this place what it is BFG and it’s members.

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I think I stumbled onto an old sources website that said to leave a review here, the rest is history

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on the advice of friends and donkey here and feel at home.

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None. My buddy at my gym told me a source for gear because I didn’t know where to get it. I typed in the name of the source and eroids popped up with the name of the source after.

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I was talking to this guy in a van down by the river that had a couple of dead hookers in and he mentioned something about eroids so I decided to see for myself.

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How is ED?

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He is currently killing hookers in a van down by the river!

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Via the net when I was looking for sources.

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the grocery store

Welcome, there are no magic pills.

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It was a long time ago. Pretty sure I was like the second MOD the site had. Came here to pick up a cycle and stayed for the forums. Now I'm just old and TRT.

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Looks whos here, good to see you bro. We're all old now!

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Time is certainly flying by. The Site looks good. Hope you are well

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You were the 3rd mod, Samoan King and Jayhawk proceeded you and your tattoo avatar. Followed by Hollywood, some english guy who lasted but a minute and then Goth and Grrrl.

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Ah yes I had forgot about Samoan King. Pretty sure I started with him but he was gone after a month or two. Forgot about Hollywood too, and i worked with him for many years. My memory ain't what it used to be, and my career path has me meeting well over a thousand people a year. It seems like everywhere I go people know me and I'm always standing there trying to remember where i know them from.....Hope your well KMC....

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Good to see you and hope you're doing great.

BTW, I'm still piss about the 5 karma points I lost over keeping the trolls out of "Kind regards, William" source's SI page. LOL.

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Well if it makes you feel any better I donated like 2000 karma points back to the site because I felt it was taking away from the quality of the experience here.

That said your memory is impeccable. I remember you but not one single interaction. Hope i wasn't to bad on

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True true. Samoan King and Jayhawk both tried something funny, can't remember what it was. RN was the first mod I fully trusted!

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Man it's been so long but I think I googled Test/Deca mix
10+ years now

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I found this site through another forum that was bitching about this forum.

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"bitching is the best advertising",....... (BFG ???)

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This guy still has an account here. Apparently you can buy rank on eroids Crazy

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Joels gay porn in prison continued as well? Or just before and after? Lol

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Not much has

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For clarification that should read,: "bitchin about eroids on another steroid site was the best advertising ".

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I can't remember,.............. but it involved an internet connection many years ago.

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...with AOL and a dialup connection using a 24k modem from Radio Shack?

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Hey, I didn't mention that I sold you your first goat.
Was planning on keeping it quiet.

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I just found this site --

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After spending countless hours looking at bullshit I eventually came across eroids. Was sceptical at first, seemed to good to be true. But after spending another hundred hours or so reading came across 4 four sites that I held some kind of faith in sent them an email each with the intention of going with the first to reply. And that's exactly what I did.
And the rest is history, almost ten years ago. Never been burnt or bunked. It's been a great experience. And a massive thank you to BFG for putting all this together, fuck knows what we'd all be doing otherwise.

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Suggested to drop a review so I can get some extra goodie’s on my next order

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Reddit Unironically

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My goat had BFG branded on his ass and a gag hanging around the neck

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Found this place close to 10 years ago while doing research of Pro Hormones. Found out this was the way to go

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Found this place in 2010, been in and out....but it has continously grown, improved, advanced everytime in possibly the most resourceful community.

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I took the risk of ordering products on one site that had a link to eroids. That's how I got on eroids.

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I lost $1100 on a worlds biggest selective scammer. Searched their name and saw this brand new spot doing reviews. Been here since. Smile thank you BFG

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Once upon a time in 2011 research peptides and chems were hot. And pro-hormones were still legal. Back then there was a lot more recent reviews on eroids for research peps and chem sources. And eroids was the place to lurk for research pep and chem sources, all the cool pro-hormone websites and forums said so.

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Damn over 5 years ago now! I remember I was searching along the lines of 'Trusted steroid sites' and probably real steroids. Then realised there were UK sources and not just the International ones.

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So long ago I can’t remember exactly but what drew me in is the clean easy to understand design, the fact that it’s a harm reduction/responsible use design vs sponsor driven and of course the members.

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I was determined to get some gear and had no access to any, started researching on the net. I came across eroids and have been here since.

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I typoed, "girl on girl action" and came across a post by grrl, A long time member here.

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just won my heart, Greg

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