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Thought this was kind of cool its a little 6 min excerpt from some show probably on discovery channel or something, lol he flips on the guy for getting near the product. Mods if this isn't allowed feel free to take it down it was played on discovery channel for a show so its not that bad it doesn't show you HOW to make them but its just a glimpse into the kitchen of a independent source in an undisclosed location with identities hidden. It is a youtube video I do not own this at all so all credit goes to the maker of this video.

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I liked how he got pissed when the guy leaned over everything

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link to the full doc... though not all about gear

eatbig's picture This link worked for me, the one up top wouldnt bring me to the rite video.

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The link didnt work for me but I know exactly what show that was. It was funny when the lil guy (the host) went and smelled the powder and the big guy making the gear turned around and was getin ready to beat his ass. He sared the hell outa the camra crew when he took their I.D.'s and took pictures and said something like "so now I know where you live so if the cops show up people know where to go to fuck you and your family up." I was impressed. He knew how to take care of business. I thought it was on the Nat Geo channel maybe it was on dicovery

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lol just seen this last night

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did u see how he just jams a pin in his ass right after he finishes it he's like 'ya I test every batch' lol