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OK - Let's get this started. This thread is for those of you that need nutritional support / guidance. Repeatedly people find this aspect the most difficult to pin down and get right and that's exactly what this is here for. We have a cycles page for tweaking cycles, bow we have a diet clinic for tweaking diets. Get your training schedule right as well, you're one step ahead already.

This is how this is going to roll. You post up:
Your stats (be honest)
Ideally a recent pic we can look at from your profile
Your goal
What you currently eat and when along with an idea of training times / work schedule
Any food allergies / dietary requirements
Any foods you can't stand / particularly enjoy (not Pizza lol)

In return, your get FREE nutritional advice and a framework plan to work from to maximise your results. Not just from me and Viking, I want you guys in here showing what you've got on the nutritional front. We've got some great knowledge on this board, this is your thread to show it.

Let's keep this constructive and respectful at all times, but I don't feel the need to "sugar coat" if someones diet needs a complete rebuild if they're getting all wrong. Let's also flip that and avoid become defensive and taking critique personally.

Let the gains begin!

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It is need good diet for health

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Height : 5'5(ish)
Weight: 160(ish)
Age: 25

Picture: I've been trying to figure this out all day, I'm new to the Forum and I can't figure out how to post a picture directly to the thread. However, the picture I have posted as my profile picture is recent.

My goal is to bulk up as far as my genetics can handle naturally before I do anymore experimentation with AAS. I'm not sure what the end result will be but I plan to go until I hit a plateau that I have severe trouble breaking. I previously read an interesting article from one user stating that rotating bulking/cutting cycles right when your body is getting used to the other has been effective for them. I'd like to attempt it

For lack of better terminology, my recent diet has been off the wall crazy, once this is done I plan on prepping the majority of my meals.
I got into a very severe car wreck last year and haven't been eating right at all.However, before the wreck I was using a diet very similar to one that is posted to this site. It was tweaked in a few ways to suit my own needs.
Meal 1 6 egg whites/1 whole egg. 1 cup of oatmeal
Meal 2 8 oz meat choice. 2 cups of white rice ( I season with Mrs. Dash, sometimes lemon pepper) 1 medium sweet potato
Meal 3 8 oz chicken breast, 2 cups of brown rice, asparagus
Meal 4 60 gram protein shake prior to workout, cup of almonds.
Meal 5 10 oz meat choice (red!!) 1 and 1/2 cup of brown or long grain rice, spinach salad with olive oil or balsamic v.
Meal 6 8 oz chicken or fish. 1 cup of broccoli
Meal 7 Low Fat cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with fruit added.

My training schedule, mind you this is recent is 1-2 hrs in the gym (doing mostly heavy lifts for low reps) 5 days a week. Also, I work 9 hour shifts from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon 5 days a week.

I have no food allergies.

I will eat anything, particularly I enjoy eating either fish or chicken.

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Yo boys. Can you help this dude tempest below out if you have time. The fellas got him to hit pause on the gear thoughts and focus on his diet. But I’m not a diet expert, I just know what works for me. We steered him here and the nutrition section.

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Body fat is 15% to be safe side

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Aight DfromPhilly is the man for guiding me here. I’m 27, 5’6”, 175lbs. Currently I’m in real estate so my schedule is screaming get your ass in tip top while it’s still easy. I consume around 3k calories a day currently. I’m up at 7, slam a serving of liquid amino. Coffee with a scoop of sugar. I’ll cut that sugar eventually. Shortly after I take 3 eggs, 1/4 cup diced ham, 1/4 cup cheddar, a serving of oatmeal, a half of Dave’s killer bread everything bagel, a light smear of cream cheese EOD. I’ll throw green peppers or mushrooms in eggs to rotate excitement.
Around 12 lll eat a Tyson frozen chicken breast (cooked) and a cup of brown rice or cous-cous- usually brown rice.
Around 130 I’ll drink a scoop of creacore along with a combat powder shake with 1/4 cup oatmeal, a banana and cup whole milk. Hit the gym around 230-3. I walk on treadmill 15-20 mins at highest incline. Time varies by stress level. I currently run 5 day splits. Sunday legs, Monday chest, tues- arms, weds shoulders, break day, 2nd chest day, intense back day and break day. I’ve been running this 6 weeks now. My chest will always be small mentally haha. I’ll slam a scoop or two of creacore before I pull out of the parking lot. 20 mins later I do a post shake with the same makeup as pwo shake. Within 90 minutes I cook a steak, London broil, some kinda big ass piece of meat as the main dish along with brown rice, cauliflower/broccoli, cycle in salads with only lettuce and veggies. Extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and lemon dressing. I don’t use butter anymore unless it’s canna butter. A slice with a spoon full of peanut butter b4 bed. Cliff builders bar for munchies. Lights out. Hella bananas through the day too. Throughout the day I run around but nothing too active. I am weaning cardio down to save gains as I sweat like a motherfucker regardless. You sweat your ass off in general down here. I was running myobuild 2 scoops post workout until today.
My workouts are all off
Legs: scroll down to leg routine.
Arms- I’ll pick a routine or mix it up. I tore my right labrum 2 years ago so incline curls are not a first choice

I try to mix around elements of the routines or I’ll pick a different one here n there but those are my foundations.

I have no allergies, and if it’s gonna help me reach my goal, I’ll fucking eat it over and over every day. I’m stoked for whatever advice you guys dish out. I want to be in prime condition to run a cycle. My main priority in terms of cycling is to make my muscles “pop”. I got mad respect for the monsters out there. I just want that dry, pumped up look where someone would think twice about swinging a bat cuz it might snap on impact and just piss me off.

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Good shit. That’s a lot of info I hope these guys can help you out a little better than the basic macros I gave you. And if these guys give you different macros listen to them and forget what I told you.

You’re in good hands

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I am 42 years old tiny guy who is struggling to put muscle, but easily add fat. Here's my story:

Age: 42
Height: 5'5 - 5'6"
Weight: 135
BF: 15%

I started weight training 4 years ago. At that time I was 118 lbs with 15% BF. I started working out 3-4 times a week, following a standard program on which was split by body part - i.e. day1: chest/tricep, Day 2: legs, day 3: back/biceps, day 4: shoulders etc and steady state cardio on rest days.

I have been counting my calories and macros diligently (proteins 1.5 gram/lb lean mass, 35-40% carbs and rest fats). My maintenance calories were around 2000/day - so I would add about 200-250 with workouts; weigh myself weekly and continue to add 100-200/week as needed. I RARELY go out to eat; I prepare everything at home. I dont junk.

With 2-3 months of "clean bulking" and training, I would put about 5-6 lbs of weight. During initial years, my BF started to come down and seemed like I was getting somewhat bulkier with gain in weight. However, my progress was VERY SLOW in terms of putting muscle. I would gain SOME fat with every bulk, but could easily get shredded again with cutting.

My leanest was 130 lbs with 11% BF about a year ago. At that time, I had 6-pack abs (but with skinny legs and arms - with no shoulder or tricep definition).

For bulking, I have tried multiple programs on - with increasing intensity over time (most recently I tried a 12-week muscle program with super intense extreme last 4 weeks. All of these have required hard ass training for 4-5 days/week with cardio on rest days. By the end of my work-outs I am completely out of gas (i.e. I work my ass off on every day while bulking).

For cutting, I would do resistance training (variety of programs) with intermittent HIIT work-out/steady state.
initially I would just drop my calories from my maintenance by about 100-200 and then re-assess every week and adjust as needed. It was easy in the beginning to get rid of BF. Then, over time fat loss started to become a challenge. Then, I started Intermittent fasting (18/6 hr regimen) - it worked really well in the beginning, but with every cutting cycle - even that was not as effective as it used to be. Most recently I tried Ketogenic diet with Intermittent Fasting (with calorie deficit of course)- and my BF would not budge below 14-15%.

When I bulk, I eat every 3 hours. Here are my food choices:
For proteins, I have 1 scoop protein powder pre/post work-out each with BCAAs + creatinine. Other sources are: chicken tenderloins, 95-99% fat free turkey, egg whites (with 1 whole egg/day), salmon and beans.
Carbs: Oats, brown rice, quinoa, variety of other flours such as Amaranth, Teff and Millet. And lots of veggies. Fruits: Banana (per- workout), apple, blueberries (sometimes strawberries or papaya).
Fats: Nuts, peanut butter, avacado, olive oil.

My "clean bulk"/cutting phases have been ongoing for the past 4 years. Currently, I am 135 lbs with 15% BF. So, technically I have gained only about 10-15 lbs lean muscle over the past 4 years!!

My total testosterone is "borderline low normal" (free test not checked). I am not on TRT. I have low thyroid - but on treatment. My form on exercises is good (have been tested with a personal trainer).

I am so frustrated with everything now that I am ready to give AAS a try. But I am concerned that there is something wrong somewhere - either in my diet or the way that I exercise, that I would probably not gain much from AAS either unless I fix the underlying problem.

I am so sorry for such a long story, but I really really need your help. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I can clarify anything.

Thank you so much in advance.

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Greetings fella. I think you should ignore training for a min, tune back out from diet for a minute, figure perhaps thyroid issues lowered testosterone ( for the moment at least ) and look at thyroid situ initially...
Was it around a year ago or so the thyroid issues started? / or when diagnosed?
Any idea of there was a catalyst?
What tests were done and what way did you approach treating it?
Before thyroid... were you (/are you) on mess..... ssri''s/anti-d's or blood pressure or statins etc. Any meds or what have you...
Can you share a printout of bloods? Remove personal details of course
If no print then what was measured? Tsh, t3, t4, immune response, .......... basically I'm wondering on levels, stim response, post-response levels and also the inflammation situ if any
Also wondering if you identified an actual root cause?
Did you make lifestyle changes before meds or go straight to meds?
What's your doc like? MD/GP or endo/specialist? Conservative or up to date/practicing new ranges etc?

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Thanks man. Dont have the report of my tests handy, but my TSH was super high (like >20 or so and free T3/free t4 super low) about 10 years ago. I have been on replacement therapy since then and TSH, free t3/4 all have been normal (latest one about 1 month ago). I have them checked every 6 months and I am being followed by an endocrinologist. I also had AM cortisol, ESR, CRP checked - which have all been normal (i.e no inflammation and adrenals fine). I definitely need to have free testosterone and other hormones checked. I am not on SSRI or any anti-depressants or anything else.

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Do me a flavour. Copy this to the over 40s forum
I just saw the other post!

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Will do. Thanks

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Hey guys please hook this dude up if you can. I told him to come here before he potentially does something he doesn't have to do. But I'm outta my league with his situation.

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Is the occasional grilled steak (at the house) and I do mean occasional, as in once every two months a total no no? I'm not talking about top sirloin either, I mean a grilled rare tenderloin. I'm craving the crap out of it at the moment and don't know whether or not to give in, or resist and grind through some chicken. I posted my typical diet here

and already got some sound advice from @guitarplayer1, but was wondering how detrimental it would be to do a cheat like that. My goals aren't too lofty, decrease body fat and get in better shape, but I don't want to completely wreck the progress I've made so far. Somebody talk me off the ledge or give me a push!

Glad I found this thread by the way, I'll be checking back here frequently.

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Top round, London broil and flank are all lean red meats. Yes have them 2-3 times a week. Sirlion is not gonja kill ya either.

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Watch the carbs later in the day, especially the sugars, (lose the blueberries last meal as an example). No issue in you eating that earlier in the day but last thing not so keen.

Green veg? Replace some of the salad with it.

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Good to see you, welcome back.

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It's not really me. I've subcontracted my forum involvement to my secretary, Helga. She's a crap PA but is a 6ft Scandinavian blonde with a cleavage you could ski down so I gave her the job anyway.....

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is there a black diamond run and where does it take you?

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18 or PG version?

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6ft Scandinavian blonde with a cleavage you could ski down so I gave her the job anyway....

Who wouldn't?

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Between which meals do you train?

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Ps- where are you catalyst it aint the sAme around here with out ya!
And viking....

I summons you both to appear before the mighty twig commander and drop knowledge bombs in here asap!.

Fuckin very twiggy with out yas...

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Had a break mate ;)

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Nice to see you back mate

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Welcome back brother Catalyst!
The mighty twig commander brother Flash was able to summon you! :))

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I wouldn't dare ignore the Aussie ;)

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Neither would I brother Catalyst! I'm fearful he might turn me into a twig! Oh wait, I'm already one! Lmao :))

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For anyone intrested im going to list the last 24 hours of my food supplements from midnight last night till midnight now.
Bulking ( winter ).
Steroids- test-e @ 900mgs per week.
Anadrol- 25mgs a day.

Midnight- 5 weet-bix in 500ml of full cream milk with a banana sliced into it honey on top, a mass gainer shake with a scoop of creatine mono, 3 vitamin e tabs, 5 milk thistle, 5 liv 52.

  • sleep-

8am- six weet- bix in 500ml full cream milk with a banana sliced into it honey on top, 4 pieces of wholegrain toast with butter and vegemite, 600 mls of water with a scoop of creatine a scoop of bcaas and a scoop of pure unflavored beef collagen protein powder (96g), a quality multi vitamin, 3 milk thistle, 3liv52.

10:30am- 4 bolied eggs with 2 pieces of buttered wholegrain bread. Tall glass of water.

1pm- 3 herb and garlic heart smart sausages, handfull green bean, a fist sized piece of broccoli, 3 boiled potatos, gravy, Tall glass of water.

4pm- fruit- 2 mandarins, a banana, tall glass of water with scoop of bcaas and scoop of creatine, 1 milk thistle 1 liv 52.

6:30pm- 4 heart smart pork steaks ( 99 percent fat free, two fist sized pieces of broccoli, 3 brussel sprouts, handfull green beans, handfull of brown rice, gravy.

9pm- 800mls of water, scoop of creatine, scoop of n.o pre workout, scoop bcaas, anadrol tablet, 1 milk thistle, 1 liv52.


  • training - 1.5 litres water.

11:30 pm- 400gr tuna in oil, two pieces whole grain bread.

Midnight- same as above

So thats my last 24 hours.

As you can see alot of food for bulking, im gaining big.

Being consistent with foods/ supplement is key, timing is key.

Just showing as i see smaller guys posting up diets that are pathetic, you need protein/ carbs/ fats/ vitamins/ nutrients/ minerals and fucking calories to get big.

Dont be scared of a little puppy fat whilst bulking.

Eat big get big.

Good luck.

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Age 37
Height 5'9
BF 18-22%
Approx. Total Caloric intake 2100 calories daily
Whole wheat tortilla
egg whites 4oz
chicken breast 3oz
1/2 slice of pepperjack cheese
9:00 protien bar only 2g of sugar 21g protien and 10 almonds
casien shake 2g of sugar 25g of protien with oatmeal and banana
1 hour of dense wieght training short breaks no messing around 6 days a week. 3 days a week I do 20-22 min of HIIT cardio (BCAA intra workout)
20 min after training a whey protien shake
around 3:00pm a small snack 4-6 of lean protien baramundi or chicken with low 3 carb tortilla
1/2 cup of brown rice or quinoa 6-8 of meat whatever we have chicken fish or lean steak
My goal is to reduce my body fat percentage and maintain size.
Recently Finished a cycle but laying off for a while just sticking with Dr.s TRT. Going to finally stop being stubborn and listen to the vets on here. Dial down my diet and training and stop going nuts with gear.

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Is this still live ?

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ya were still here.

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U think I could just pm u

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Age 29
Hight 5,9
Weight 135 give or take
Body fat is very low

Looking to put on as much weight as possible. Going to start either going back to the gym for access to weights or start off again at home doing body weight work outs. Pull ups, sit ups, push up variations, dips and such. Always had major problems gaining weight. A diet plan and food suggestions would be awesome. Maybe some workouts as well. Thanks in advance.

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bf 12%
- I posted a picture of my self two weeks ago and will post one from this week right now.
- Long term goal is 240-250lb and yes I know that won't happen over night lol
- In meetings some of the day so I end up eating protein bars at 10am and 2:30pm because i cant eat real food.
- no allergies or needs

Here is what I've been doing and I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement!

7:00 6 eggs, baked beans, 2 multi grain toast 55p 55c 800cal
9:30 Apple, protein bar 20p 35c 300cal
12 chicken breat, brown rice, mixed veggies 55p 88c 650cal
2:30 protein bar 20p 24c 230cal
5:00 chicken breat, brown rice, mixed veggies 55p 88c 650cal
7:00 Workout drink 25p 45c 300cal
8:30 Turkey, sweet potato, veggies 45p 60c 385cal
11pm Casin protein shake 50p 5c 200cal
325p 400c 3505cal

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S/O to MedDx for bringing me here.

Height: 6'
Weight: 210
BF%: Ballpark 15%, could be wrong (trying to be honest)
Recent Pic: Currently in my profile.
Goal: Reduce body fat to build a better base.

Food Plan is below. Typically work M-F 8-5. Gym schedule 5-6 times per week, weekdays around 7pm.
No special food allergies or dietary requirements so far.

Current Food Plan (bulking) need to adjust for cutting

1 Gallon Water

2 Whole Egss, 5 Egg Whites. 1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal, 1 Cup Blueberries

Mid Morning:
Mass Gainer (w 2% milk 2 servings), 2 Servings Almonds (48) pieces

8oz Chicken Breast (Grilled)
6 oz Yams (Raw)

Mid Afternoon:
1 Serving Almonds
4 oz Yams (Raw)
(Glass of 2% milk)

2 Cups Cooked White Rice
8 oz Chicken Breast (Grilled)
(Either Brock or Asparagus)

Intra Workout:

Post Workout:
Lean Protein Shake
(Small snack occasionally)

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Incorporate it into your diet just like any other carb. Higher Glycemic index with white rice and lower GI with brown, wild rice being the best imo. Kind of like white potatoes vs sweet potatoes.

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Hey all,

44 Years old,
164 lbs, down from 182, although that was for a week, I've been 175 for most of my life, training or not.
Body fat - I have no idea, the calipers seem to change time to time, hopefully you can guess from the photos?

Typical days food, was on 1500 cals just up'ed it to around 2000.

Typical things I eat include: Boiled Eggs, Chicken Breast, Fruit (usually bananas or apples). Wholemeal Bread, Oats with skimmed milk, Wheetabix with skimmedmilk, Almonds, Cottage Cheese, Chicken salad, tbps light mayo, sometimes with brown rice, chilli con carne with jar sauce and brown rice, sometimes some veggies, Meat (chicken/Beef/Pork/smoked Haddock/salmon) with veg and mash potato (sometimes with 2 tbps gravy) Cheat meal once a week, burger on wholemeal bread with cheese slice, salad and home made burger sauce. Sometimes on a hot day i'll have greek yoghurt with fruit.

I can't give an exact meal plan as I eat when I want, but I can say i'm usually on the nail for 40/40/20. Sometimes I struggle to get past 1200cals eating clean. I don't usually eat until 3pm sometimes later.

My job, i'm a plumber but giving that up in the next 2 weeks to become a taxi driver, so although not as physical, I will be able to work as and when I want and bring in cardio into my routine.

Workout routine. Started on 5x5 and done a bit of Wendler 5/3/1 with accessory BBB. Just started PHAT this week.

Cardio: Not much at the moment due to work but in 2 weeks time i'll be able to add in some cardio. I've done loads of cardio in the past from when I used to kickbox. I help coach a girls soccer team so I join in the sprints when their doing them.

Goal: Main goal would really be to lose the chest and stomach fat as shown in the pictures. Despite never being majorly obese, and in and out of sports most of my life, the past few years I seem to have developed a very flabby stomach, and the dreaded moobs/chest fat. I'm not looking to get massive but would love to have a 6 pack again like when I was a teen, and a defined chest if possible at my age? I don't mind putting on bit of muscle to achieve that aim as I think my abs, back and chest in particular are under defined.


I joined this forum specifically for information about AAS and the like, i've learned a lot in the past few days from all the friendly people on here just lurking and reading, some of which that I might not even need to or be ready to take anything at this stage, although I'm not ruling anything out. I'm 44 and not getting any younger. Finally reading all the information on here has been a lot to digest and I feel like i'm going round in circles regards to the AAS.

I thank you all in advance and look forward to hearing your replies.

P.s. Can't stand Sweet Potato or Tuna.

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Sometimes I struggle to get past 1200cals eating clean. I don't usually eat until 3pm sometimes later.

Waiting that long without breaking the fast is one of the worst thing to do while trying to add lean body mass AND also while cutting to lose that last bit of bf. Fix this problem ASAP! Like tomorrow start to eat upon awaking...everyday. Then eat no later than every 3 hours.

You struggle to eat 1200 calories? Your metabolism must be hurting in some way or something.

Very important to get a full metabolic panel blood testing as soon as you can before even considering jumping on any hormones. Tell your primary you want these...

Full metabolic panel

Hormone panel, total and free test, estrogen, dht, progesterone, prolactin

Thyroid panel

Lipid and triglycerides panel

(CBC) completer blood count

Vitamin d test, 40% of the pop is deficient.
Vitamin b12 test

And.....if you can, might as well tell em you want an inflamation blood test as well.

With all that info, correct diet and training then you can tweak things to run at your most optimal level. Testosterone is just one piece of the puzzle and you may very well be missing more than low T.

All that aside....What are you trying to accomplish first? Losing more bf or muscle gain? We can only do one at a time efficiently. That will determine your diet.

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Thanks for the reply. The blood tests make a lot of sense. The fasting is something I've done for years before I even know what it was, that is, get up, go do a days work get home about 3pm and eat whatever I like. I've never become massively overweight so when I read about IF it seemed a logical thing to do for me. When I say I sometimes struggle to get past 1200, I mean clean eating on days I drop carbs. It's not all the time but some days. There are other days I could eat a horse, mainly on heavy lifting days. My goals? Well this is why I've come for advice my friend and posted the photos. I would personally prefer to cut bodyfat but looking at my chest and ab area there doesn't seen to be much in the way of muscle there to reveal after a cut, which leaves me going around in circles as to whether to try and put on muscle up to Xmas then cut new year, or cut now then clean bulk. I appreciate your advise or any given. Cheers

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Alright Cat so here I go,
28 yrs old.
160 lbs.
Body fat- 11-13%
As of now, i eat just about anything really (pros of being an ectomorph)
Not really in a diet now but still working out.
Hours of work are from 4:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m every day,
So after work would be the ideal time to hit the gym. As far as food allergies i have none, foods i just won't eat are mushrooms, everything else is fine. Favorite food i would have to say Mexican Tacos lol. As far as my goal, I'd say bulk up, hopefully one day go up to 185-195. As of now I'm not worried about bf since I've always been lean, even if One day i do hit 185+ with a higher bf, i would not a problem leaning.
My daily food intake would be:
2-3 eggs in the early morning, sometimes in a taco
Early work break: banana, pb sandwich.
Lunch: varies from Fajtas ( around 3 cups) with squash and potatoes/ Chicken breasts with California mix vegies/ Fish cooked in s sauce with Veggies..
Late work break- Fruits, protein bars, almonds/nuts
After workout/Dinner: mainly the same as my lunch.. Like I said it varies.

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You're simply not eating enough to grow mate. Need to up those calories significantly so you've got enough fuel in the tank to actually feed growth. I'd like to see you considering each of your meals as having three components, protein, complex carbs and veg.

As mentioned previously, have a read through a few pages of this post and soak it up.

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Need help with a overhaul of a diet. Thought I had a good plan but didn't as many pointed you make out a diet plan for me catalyst. I'm not allergic to anything. I'll eat anything that will help get body fat down. Favorite food is spaghetti. But try a limit it cause of the pasta. U serious about losing body fat. Plz can you help catalyst. I sent u a friend request. I have pics and body measurement. Bf% is 28ish

kodiakGRRL's picture

Favorite food is spaghetti

I feel your pain ... no more pasta for you ;-(

Catalyst's picture

FR accepted.

You need to lay out exactly what you eat and when for me and we can tailor from there. I'll help you out, but I need basic stuff like this from you.

A pic would be useful too.

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Hello, need abit of help. I need some help on my diet. i just need a different diet plan then the one i was just on. I tried to eat as much as possible while i was cycling. And for the most part i did really good. I did realize that i shouldnt cycle in the summer months. The heat gos up my appetite went down. So this winter i will cycle again because at 10 to 20 below i do eat alot. can some one please tell me what they were doing or recomend on a great meal plan per day. and what they would do when they couldnt fit that extra meal in. thanks for any help

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Some find certain compounds suppress their appetites, particularly orals so you may wish to review what you're using. Obviously at this stage I don't know what you ran. On the other side of the coin there are steroids such as EQ that can increase your desire for food. You could also look into peptides, things like GHRP6 work wonders in that respect.

If you want me to take a look at your diet, post it up. But I'm not going to design a plan for you based on the limited information given. Would be better to adjust what you're currently doing.