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+ 10 Current Eroids Demographics


Thought it would be interesting to see the breakdown of the crew utilizing eroids.
Many of you probably fit into several categories but pick the one you most identify with.

Current Eroids Demographics

63% (77 votes)
11% (13 votes)
1% (1 vote)
2% (3 votes)
Improve sports performance (Endurance): i.e Swimmer, cyclist, track
2% (3 votes)
Improve sports performance (Strength): i.e. Football, wrestling, baseball
5% (6 votes)
TRT only
9% (11 votes)
Don't use steroids - just here for the diet/training info
2% (2 votes)
Gathering info to prepare for my first cycle
6% (7 votes)
Total votes: 123
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None of the above exactly. 50+ male just trying to stay reasonably active and virile for as long as possible.

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Health& competitive sports.
Oh yeah to slay as much box as possible!!

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None of the above.

Just a Regular Joe trying to improve my physique.

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On trt now. Looking for info for first cycle, diet and workouts to try and cut and look good for my wedding Smile

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I kill hookers. This helps my performance. It’s not really a sport so I’m. It sure where to go with that.

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Lmao Ed you got the best stories.

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What was it that I just read :)???

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Even Blonde ones with Big tits?!

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He apparently has no color preferences, all indiscriminately Smile

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Just a bodybuilder that maintains. Not huge, but like looking good.

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Should have a category for strongman

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Primarily concerned about building strength, so I put powerlifter. I only really do hypertrophy work on off days.

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And how do you combine one with the other, weekends or all the same cycles, a cycle for strength, a cycle for hypertrophy?

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I squat and bench day 1 and 3 and deadlift and ohp day 2 and 4.

8 sets of 3 at close to 85-90% 1RM for each heavy compound. One 3 set of 8 compound movement is added each day that would be a weak point to my primary. IE Deficit deads or pause Squats or Pull-ups

Day 5 is just pure 3x12 fun sets of biceps curls and traps and triceps. Pure bodybuilding stuff.

Going to run 400mg of Test for my first cycle. Nothing specific for strength or hypertrophy, just test for my first time.

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BB and just because I love the sport and learning the pharmacology behind it!

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Originally bb was my reason, here lattley the past 3 months it's been trt

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Presently TRT and HRT (thyroid is a hormone).

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Hell….I’m just here cuz I have no friends and stumbled upon this website….but I have to say that since I’ve joined, I’ve gained 20lbs of pure musclejust from reading all the forums….still have no friends but hey I look great!….
Oh wait I do have one friend on here…goes by the name rustyhooker…real name is actually Rustasia…she/he is a a smoking 4’9” , 210 lb bald femdom with really stinky feet…( some people like that but was a deal breaker for me)….so thanks for being my friend Rustasia!…nothing but luv for you!…
No-homo is required here ….:no homo

All seriousness tho, …I started using gear for vanity…wanted to be bigger, stronger,..blah blah ….but now I find the therapeutic values of certain compounds at a moderate level…yes looking like a senior version of an underwear model is nice but it also has a downside …..I can’t keep up with all the grey hairs in my Zumba class….don’t be fooled, those retirees are horny af!

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Started lifting 7 years ago to stay clean from opioids. 7 years clean now. Lifting has definitely helped me to get threw it. It’s became a life style for me now. Don’t even want to compete just want to look good.

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Awesome same here bro I Iv'ed so many opiates my 1st shot of gear wasn't shit lol good thing them opiates is in the review

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First I was trying to get bigger, then maintain, now slow the decline. Lol

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Do you find the muscle just gets smaller/weaker no matter what compounds you run?

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Definitely don’t respond the same and concerned that trying to lift the same weight as I did 20 years ago is just silly. Just look at pro athletes. They may look like they are in great shape at 40 and are but they can’t hit a 100mph fastball same as they did at 30. Tom Brady excluded of course. He’s just a freak. I think I have a very similar physique to when I was younger just not as big. Still easy for me to keep bf under 10% just can’t lift as heavy nor to I want to. Works for me as still going 37 years later, 7 days a week, 3 kids, with no breaks longer than a vacation.

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Massive respect mate, I have huge admiration for you still hammering it 7 days a week after decades of training and not throwing in the towel like most would. I was thinking what were you able to deadlift if you were able to squat 650 for 4 as that's a huge squat?!

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Thanks! Good memories. I tell my kids those stories after they see me wobble around the house and they just give me a look like “yeah right Dad”. Lol. Max dead was 590. Looooong time ago.

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HAhahaha ROFL Tell them you'll jab them with some gear if they carry on being cheeky lol

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Got into lifting mainly through powerlifting, soonish 10 years in kind of a mix of bb/pl training and keep myself fairly active without pushing like a madman during my pl time

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At this point I train to keep on top of my mental health.

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So far looks like the overwhelming majority of guys are just trying to get bigger. Kind of what I expected. I did think we would have a bigger powerlifting turnout though.

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It seemed to me, judging by the reports, that we really had more powerlifters. And in the end, no.

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My soul is dedicated to powerlifting, but my body is in need of repair, after several times I had covid. Therefore, while I am an ordinary visitor to the gym.

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I am looking to create the perfect dadbod as a new widely sought after aesthetic.

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Pizza and Popeyes, sir!

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You should add gym rat, I know a lot of guys that run cycles and just “want to get big”

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And beach/ pool body

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Yeah cuz I feel like there's a difference in a legit bodybuilder and somebody that's building their body because they "just want to get big" like you said. There should be bodybuilder and a bodybuilder/gym rat section.

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I'm a manwhore I have to look good for the ladies

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Interesting pole...Focus is pretty much powerlifting but transitioning into bodybuilding. You could say Power bodybuilding. Also ex athlete

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Interested to see how this pans out. I’m into bodybuilding as well.

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Hypertrophy/bodybuilding is my focus.

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Power bodybuilding....I need that 600 pound Bench press in my life before I die!!! I gotta have it!