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Best methods for traveling with HGH


Hey guys,

I am currently in the middle of a cycle running 750 test 600 deca, with 250/200 on m/w/f. I also am taking 4iu hgh every day. I will be going on a business trip to Chicago n a couple of weeks, but only from Thurs afternoon until Saturday night and want to make sure my hgh makes it there with me. I know that I can keep it unrefrigerated for 24 hours or so and it be ok. I'm not worried about that since the hotel will have a fridge. Just wasn't to get it through airport security and minimize its ability to get bumped around.

Should I just pack it in my checked bag, padded up in my shaving kit along with the insulin needles? Also, should I preload my Friday test/deca shot and take that with me as well, or should I just take that shot on Thursday at noon?

Appreciate the tips!

Edit: Will be leaving the hgh at home and taking a little extra test deca in a shot before I leave. Better safe than sorry Smile

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I have traveled many times with it. Put it in a insulin case and make it look official. Never had any issues. Thousands of diabetes travel. They are not Dr or Pharmacist. They don't know better.

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well the best option will be sent your hgh by local post to place where you will stay. it will takes couple of days to be delivered but still much more safe then take it in to the plain

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I put my gear in a travel size insulin case. The pins, swabs and oils I need. I have a prescription for test from my doctor so I put a label from that in there just so they have something to look at if they get curious.
I’ve been checked in the US and abroad with no issues.
TSA just looked at it, never opened it and just asked if it was medicine. They’re not exactly high paid detectives.

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Thank you guys for the input! I'll put a little extra test and Deca in my shot on Thursday, and as for the hgh I will just leave at home. Definitely not worth catching any kind of heat.

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Thank god you’re not traveling to Russia...Although a small bottle of growth could be seen as sample cologne/lavender oil through the scanners. if in your bag does get checked they will find out what’s in the bottle. I’d say leave it and be safe.

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Good point. Leaving it at home!

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Sounds like baconnator and fries. Dont run the risk over couple days. Hgh is not as magical as purported

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I agree - it's been very beneficial for me so far but not miraculous. I just didn't know if it was OK to skip a couple days. Thx!

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Are those 2 days of not having those worth the federal charges if you get caught? Assume you are crossing state lines? Just add more deca and test to your shot or take it Thursday morning. Missing 2 days of GH is no big deal. These are just my thoughts on it.

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I appreciate your input and I'm going to follow your advice. Thank you!

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