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Ok guys, you have to agree on this one.
This is review site of mainly anabolic steroids. Right.
I browsed true few of top.stores and few of not so know, looked up what's going on and then came up to this bulshit.
Literally there are so many Shit reviews that should not ever considered as reviews.
-one guy literally wrote (...Shipment came today..) and then at the end (...Everything I could’ve hoped PIP very low strength increased size vascularity ...) Yeah I'm.talking about you @Madigan77 .

-Other guy wrotes 49 , yes 49 word review on other popular source and that includes repeated words like ( the, was ,on, my ) yes , repeated words. Like cmon dude , 49 words. You owe that store a little bit more than that.

-then there's a guy and you don't have to look far for this guy, who has ONE word on each colum (delivery, product and comunication) except the title where he bla-bla irelevant stuff about his internet connection. Shame on you @thedaycometh


I am taking this serious, and you participate in promo or not, your honest review is something that this site is all about. Becouse of detailed (as much as possible ) correct review, we (the other guys and new people) can judge the site. And i think it's a shame to see reviews lie that.

I have been here a while, taken breaks, had my own faults and learned the hard way how world works, and i am actually using the product the source sends me. Try to be honest, not all products are great, not all deliveries are successful, tell us the dark side if you want. But do what this site is all about. Review the product and service as it is. Do your part. Thanks.

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99.99% of the people that write crappy reviews will never visit the forums. Nice try but don’t get your hopes up.

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If he writes it in the Crappy reviews area it means the mods will come across it if they don't see it at first.

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Bud if you find a crappy review then post it up on here - You'll have hours of fun! Lol


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Oh yah. Will do thanks.
Did eroids got update?
Everything is different.

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Sure did mate - Track function is back in now Smile

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