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Help me understand...


So I don't hijack another's post...

In another discussion in the forums, a person suggested Adderall (Amphetamine) as an alternative for another substance. He was subsequently banned and told Adderall is not allowed to be discussed here. I have not been able to find where discussing Adderall is against the rules. I have read the rules and the Banned topics multiple times each, and I am just not seeing it. What am I missing here?

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Can we get eroids to boot this conversation? I'm here to to move up and improve. This shit is bogus. NOT motivational or informative whatsoever!! If I wanted to talk trash I would go to the 7-11 down the street. Dump this s*#t.

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Get thicker skin bro. Or youll melt around here.

I dont agree at all with adderall for enhansement

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poor man's coke Not a place for it here

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That's almost fall into.the lines of illicit drugs and not performance enhancing substances

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I absolutely consider it a PED. Ust depends what you are wanting.. Endurance athletes, wrestlers, boxers (anyone that needs to make weight), and until recently (2017ish), even the US Military used it during missions.

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That's ridiculous if you think ADD medication is a performance enhancing drug! Wtf

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A PED is not just something to make you stronger or faster. A PED is anything someone takes to enhance their performance. Is it a PED used in Bodybuilding? No. But it is used in other sports, Sports/Competitions that require endurance or focus. If a poker player or chess master is using Adderall during a game would you consider it a PED then?

I am in no way condoning the use at all. I a prescribed by a Dr., and need it to help my focus, otherwise I get scatter brain. I go through blood work twice a year, heart health is monitored, and I am also subject to drug test by my Dr.


Even the Mayo clinic states it is a PED.



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Here is an answer for you, get arrested for 1 vial of test, you might get probation, a huge fine, etc. Get arrested for a bottle of Adderall, say goodbye to your butt cherry.
You think it's a ped? Lmao. I have add, it makes me a zombie at too high of a dose. You have to get blood work done to keep the prescription and even my doctor makes me stop taking it for 30-45 days every few months. It's habit forming and will fuck you up. It has no place here, I won't get into too many details but there's other prescription drug sites you can sign up for that don't care how much you hate your life. This is not one of those.

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Don't get me wrong. I am not promoting or advocating the use. And I now I understand it is not allowed here... I am not trying to change that. But to say that it is not being used in sports as a PED is just not correct. A little research and you can find it is an issue with NFL, MLB, etc.
I also have ADD and I am prescribed Adderall, Low dose IR twice daily. Not only does my DR do blood work twice a year, I also get EKG once a year.

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Does that stuff not cause really bad anxiety as it looks pretty strong?

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That can be a side effect.

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*edit replied in wrong forum

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I agree that their sale or purchase should be not discussed on here. But there is a lots of old stuff still on here.

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Where I'm from only 2 types of people take Adderall:
1, people prescribed it for ADD
2, tweakers aka meth heads.

I view it the same way I view benzos (such as Xanax), I believe it is a drug that use from can easily result in crippling addiction, and then skid row, man. I've seen Adderall turn some good women into total meth heads with deflated tits and sores on their faces.

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The benzos use in my hometown, midwest, is crazy rampant. "Pharma" drug abuse is a real world problem here in the US of A.

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Bud that shit is rife in the UK now - Idiots take it before going out on the town when drinking.

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It's bad here too brother

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Hell if I know, I searched adderall with the magnifying glass and all kinds of stuff pops up. Adderall is definitely a stimulant, not a narcotic. It might be a taboo subject, or maybe it was how it was used in context?????

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Amphetamine is a narcotic. Taboo talk.

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First it is not a narcotic, a narcotic is a classification for a pain relief drug such as hydrocodone.

This is where I am confused.
We can't talk about Adderall, a schedule 2 drug that is prescribed by a dr for ADD and also for weight loss.

But we can talk about GW, Clen, and even Ephedra. Non of which are able to be prescribed by a dr. (In the US).

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Ive been here over 10yrs and amphetamines IS not sllowed as chat on here. Neither is venzos etc. Sources have been openly and permanently banned. This place wont be the next silk road

1-tweekers are seekers
2-pain addicts are seekers.

Adderall is a controlled substance, as are narcotic pain medications. Adderall is actually a Schedule II controlled substance in the U.S., and this means that it has a high potential for abuse.
https://www.therecoveryvillage.com › ...
Is Adderall A Controlled Substance? - The Recovery Village

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I can accept it is a taboo subject. But I did not see anywhere in the rules that is was. Anld only saw insulin and DNP, and the along with raws, weapons, illegal drugs, etc . And didn't know until today. May I suggest to update the Taboo section to include Adderall?

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That would be a great idea. Keep folks from wondering why.

@Pale ^^^^^ adding adderall benzos to taboo list?

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I'll mention it to BFG

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I have seen a mod tell a source to remove benzos from their website or be dropped from Eroids ranking system.

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yes, I did.

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Yessir. A few got pinched right off too. Bfg had a forum somewheres to keep us safer from the silk road convos.