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Promotion order :NPP150 and MastE200. Real quick T/A. Thank you UG!

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Enjoy it!

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Nice grab bro! I got in on the last promo and chose 8 Test Prop and 2 NPP 150. I just started these products this last week and all the oil has been super smooth with absolutely zero pip. I haven't used any kind of gear in about 5-6 years and was diagnosed with low T recently so I started TRT with my primary care doctor. Even though I practically have virgin muscles again from not pinning for so long I've had zero pip from Para Pharma's oil. Your NPP 150 is from a different batch than mine and is a little bit of a different color. If you look at the picture I posted you can see mine is more of a clear color and yours is more of a golden color. Either way I'm super happy with Para Pharma products so far and I'm sure you will be too. I'll be getting my TRT bloodwork in July and I'll post my test results and leave a thorough and honest review afterwards. I also have some Paratropin on the way to try out as well. I'm currently dosing 5iu of HGH from another very reputable and reliable source here on eroids that i've tested in the past and posted the results and left reviews for. I'll be switching over to the Paratropin as soon as it arrives and I'll post my IGF1 results after I've been on the Paratropin long enough. What are you going to be dosing your NPP at? I started with a low dose of 150mg a week to go along with my TRT to get the benefits of lubing my joints and alleviating some pretty bad arthritis in my shoulders and knees.

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Yes Npp color is a bit of dark, but PARA is a solid brand so I think i'ts not a problem.
I'm going to run 450mg NPP per week with 600mg TestE.

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