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+ 18 Summer Cut DHB/Tren/Primo


Going to work on a long slow cut over the summer. Going to run some low dose tren midway through cycle for about 10wks. Trying to keep the trifecta of a test/DHT/nandrolone for most of the cycle. Ment will cover the nandrolone aspect for start of cycle then switching to tren mid cycle and riding out the remaining cycle with no nandrolone but higher DHB and primo to really cut it up and see what it looks like. Low dose test the whole way so I shouldn't need an ai. Didn't need any extra ai with the ment last cycle but aromasin is on hand in case I need it. Still want to do one more 50+ masters show so if everything looks good then I will plan one last show out.

I have some Long-HGH on the way so when that gets here I will likely switch over to that in place of my usual HGH to test it out.

Going to run about a 500 cal/d deficit for a slow cut. Will put a refeed in there when needed.

Pre-cycle stats:
204 lbs
12.2% BF

WeekTest eDHBTren ePrimoMentProviVarHGH/Long HGHInfrjet/LR3AlbuterolMast e
1125mg 200mg600mg50mg/d50mg/d2.5iu
2125mg 200mg600mg60mg/d50mg/d3.33iu
3125mg 200mg600mg75mg/d50mg/d4iu
4200mg240mg200mg600mg25mg/d.9ml E5D
5200mg240mg200mg600mg25mg/d1.0ml E5D12mg
6300mg240mg300mg600mg25mg/d1.0ml E5D1500mcg15mg
7300mg180mg300mg600mg25mg/d1.1ml E5D1500mcg
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Man knows what he’s doing for sure! I know I’m 10 months late but dang broth nice recomp!

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It was a good one Lol

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Nice results

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Interesting cycle. I’m gonna do similar but just 300 test 400 primo with proviron, Clomid, 40mg anavar start and miss-677. My plan is fairly similar but less aggressive on compounds and dosages

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Covid got me. Finally out of hospital. Needless to say cycle ended a few weeks ago. Bummed I didn't get to incorporate the growth phase. Starting all over now.

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Week 13 Results

Change from wk 12/start:

Weight: 184.6 +0.6lbs / -19.4 lbs
Bodyfat: 6.88% -0.18% / -5.32%
Fat Mass: 12.7 lbs -0.3lbs / -12.19 lbs
Lean Mass: 171.9 +0.9 lbs / -7.21 lbs
Waist: +3/8" / -3 1/2"

Finally under 7% BF. Energy levels have taken quite a hit now that I am done with the Infrajet. Trensomnia isn't helping either. Skin has really tightened up and looks like I dumped some water. Nice vascularity coming through now and starting to see the graininess in the muscles. Put a few more pics up where you can see the difference from a month ago.

No need to take the cut any further since I am not going into a comp. Don't want to sacrifice any more lean mass to lower body fat really for no purpose. Looks good enough now Lol Body is primed to put on some lean mass now due to extreme insulin sensitivity. Will be transitioning into bulk sometime this week to rapidly put on some quality tissue during last part of cycle. Will be looking at 1000 cals above TDEE instead of below for this round. Should all go into lean tissue gains with bodyfat being so low. Stay tunned.

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Week 12 Results

Change from wk 11/start:

Weight: 184 -1.2 lbs / -20 lbs
Bodyfat: 7.06% -0.34% / -5.14%
Fat Mass: 13 lbs -0.7 lbs / -11.89 lbs
Lean Mass: 171 -0.5 lbs / -8.11 lbs
Waist: 3/4" / -3 7/8"

Calories averaged 1074 cals (1849 daily average) below my TDEE of 2923 calories.

Hit a milestone today. Dropped 20lbs and lost 5% BF since start of cycle. Bodyfat still going in the right direction. Now at 7%. Just keep looking better in the gym. Strength levels still good mostly because of var I believe. Var has had quite an impact on my appetite also. Cals were really low last week and this week due to not being really hungry from the var. Need to force some more food down. Don't need calories that low. The high dose of HGH has really knocked me out. Sleepy all day long due to morning dose. Stopped taking the morning dose and energy levels are better during the day now. Tren is starting to catch up to me now. Trensomnia is in full effect.

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What a cool blast! Looks like it's going good man. I like that you are using ment and then a hundred DHT derivatives haha. Love them androgens. How much aroma are you having to use? And what direct benefits if any do you see from the IGF? Anything local?
Looking good man!

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Week 11 Results

Change from wk 10/start:

Weight: 185.2 -0.8 lbs / -18.8 lbs
Bodyfat: 7.4% -0.83% / -4.8%%
Fat Mass: 13.7 lbs -1.61 lbs /-11.19 lbs
Lean Mass: 171.5 1.21 lbs / -7.61 lbs
Waist: -1" / -4 5/8"

Calories averaged 1028 cals (1956 daily average) below my TDEE of 2984 calories.

Probably one of the most impressive weeks so far. Dropped nearly 1% BF and put on over a pound of lean mass. Big chancge in body composition. Impressive bodyfat drop when bodyfat is already low. Knocked an inch off of waistline too. It is tightening up good with veins now present on abs and serratus. Definition is legs is also starting to show which has always been a problem for me. Skin is starting to look thin like onion peel. Main additions this week were 50mg of var and 300mg of mast e. I am attributing alot of this weeks progress to the var. Too early for the mast to really having much of an impact. Should really take off once the mast kicks in though.

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Looking forward to seeing these results. You’re already massive in the pre pics. Them damn arms bro and forearms are huge!

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Keep kicking ass!!!

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Added 300mg of mast e to cycle (week 11)

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Week 10 Results

Change from wk 9/start
Weight: 186 -1lbs /-18 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.23% 0.18% / -3.97%
Fat Mass: 15.31 lbs 0.26 lbs /-9.58 lbs
Lean Mass: 170.69 -1.26 lbs / -8.42 lbs
Waist: 3/8" / -3 5/8"

Calories averaged 966 cals (1918 daily average) below my TDEE of 2884 calories.

Not a whole lot of changes on the scale or calipers but can see changes in the mirror. Skin is starting to look much thinner now with more visible striations showing. Dropped the infrajet down to only postworkout dosage now (500mcg).

Starting up var and back on the albuterol this week.

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Week 9 Results - 4th week of infrajet (1500mcg/d)

Change from wk 8/start
Weight: 187 -0.4 lbs /-17 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.05% -0.32% / -4.15%
Fat Mass: 15.05 lbs -0.63 lbs / -9.84 lbs
Lean Mass: 171.95 0.23 lbs lbs / -7.16 lbs
Waist: 1/4" / -4"

Calories averaged 582 cals (2,049) below my TDEE of 2631 calories.

Another good week in. Snapped a few more pics. Dropped a good chunk of fat and slightly increased lean mass. Just a tad over 8% BF. Have done zero cardio this cycle and probably going to keep it that way. Lol Vascularity seems to be popping more and more each week. After a carb meal my fullness comes back. Carbs have been under 100g/d so real sensitive to carb manipulation and it doesn't take many carbs to fill back out.

4th week on the infrajet IGF and I think it has helped quite a bit. I have had zero refeed days this entire cycle which is a long time to go without one. Insulin sensitivity is still really good and have to attribute that to the IGF. It has allowed me to stay on track with my diet and continue to strip the fat off. 9 wks with cals 500-750 below my TDEE and still great insulin sensitivity is pretty phenomenal. Addition of infrajet has also made my strength to continue to climb, which is pretty unheard of while cutting hard. Every week I am adding more weight on the bar.

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Week 8 Results - 3rd week of infrajet (1500mcg/d)

Change from wk 7/start

Weight: 187.4 -4.0 lbs / -16.6 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.37% -0.47% / -3.83%
Fat Mass: 15.68 lbs -1.24 lbs / -9.21 lbs
Lean Mass: 171.72 -2.76 lbs / -7.39 lbs
Waist: -1 3/8" / -4 1/4"

Calories averaged 780 cals below my TDEE of 2684 calories.

Lot of changes happened this week compared to last week. Really the only difference in cycle this week was the addition of 15mg/d of albuterol and I bumped my HGH up 2iu to 7iu daily. Several things really jumped out at me. First is the drop in weight of 4 lbs. That is a lot in 1 week and my drop in cals below my TDEE was not that much more than previous weeks. Must have dumped a bunch of water somewhere along the way. I'll have to check if albuterol has some diuretic properties.

Next thing that jumps out is the loss in BF of nearly 0.5% which translated into losing 1.25lbs of fat. Nice drop while in the single digits already. Biggest change in calipers was on my waist. My waistline dropped by 1 3/8" this week which is crazy. Maybe the infrajet has some localized lipolysis? I actually have to use those tie strings on my shorts to keep them from falling down. Tightest waist I have had in a long time. With a 4" drop since start of cycle, I am now needing a new wardrobe. No more fat pants.

Veins are now appearing on abs and legs which are my most stubborn areas for fat deposits. Haven't seen veins on those areas in a long time. Strength is still climbing. Never had that happen during a cut so I have to attribute that 100% to the infrajet. Everything is much tighter and harder now with more prominent vascularity. Overall I am very pleased with this weeks results.

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Uploaded some pics from this morning. These are 3rd wk on infrajet. Would like to get some pics after pumped up in gym when the vascularity really stands out.

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Honestly dude, you look like you could take a hit with a baseball bat and keep going. That's a solid frame

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Week 7 Results - 2nd week of infrajet

Change from wk 6/start

Weight: 191.4 +0.4 lbs / -12.6 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.84% +0.27% / -3.56%
Fat Mass: 16.92 lbs +0.55 lbs / -7.97 lbs
Lean Mass: 174.48 -0.15 lbs / -4.63 lbs
Waist: No change / -2 7/8"

Calories averaged 714 cals below my TDEE of 2732 calories.

I am a little disappointed in this weeks results compared to what I had seen the previous week. Was expecting another nice drop in BF and gain in lean mass, since things were looking good in the mirror. Nothing happened this week though. Essentially no change in lean body mass and slight increase in BF according to the calipers. Not what I was hoping for. Only change I noticed was that my strength was coming back. Diet was perfect, training was perfect but it didn't translate into measurable results for some reason. May have to do a refeed and reset insulin sensitivity. The infrajet doesn't seem to be overriding this if that is the case. Going to incorporate some albuterol this week to see if I can get things going back in the right direction.

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I think a refeed reset may help as im kinda in the same boat struggling to get last bit of fat down man.
Clen defo helping me get tighter so albuterol should get you back.
Im just trying to eat right foods for my blood type now its sure made a good difference but its hard as makes the diet even more restricted than its already is.
I also dropped the hgh just to see if it makes a diff and added some tren ace eod this wk so will see iv included some hiit in there alittle but just trying not to burn too much muscle either urghh.

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Let me know if dropping the HGH works for you. I bumped up from 5iu to 7iu this week to see if that makes a difference. My other option is T3 as a last resort if nothing is budging after this week.

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1500mcg is what you’re using of the infrajet every day? Am I reading that correctly?

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Yes. 500mcg in morning, 500 preworkout and 500 with postworkout meal

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I appreciate your honest log brother. I did not know you were masters 50+ competitor, hope to see you do one last show and chronicle it. The final ride of the bodybuilder is bitter sweet, I know some day mine will come...

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My last show for 50+ masters was planned before covid hit. Was 8 wks out and everything got cancelled. Trying to make a comeback but a couple more years on the body and a slower metabolism is making it real difficult. Things are looking good now at just over 8% bodyfat but it becoming a real struggle to shed anymore. Biggest I have ever been now which is good but just need to figure out a way to get this stubborn fat off.

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Yes I understand the years take a toll, I do not have as much experience with Masters competitors as I would like. Amount of muscle you have on your physique for your age is phenomenal. Will continue to follow your journey.

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The change in metabolism is the biggest handicap. Can't build muscle like I used to and can't strip off the fat like I used to. Everything is a much slower and meticulous process now.

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Like you used to... I hear this a lot from masters... Yet compared to your average person your age you are an absolute freak of nature, average 50 year old has balloon beer belly..

Not blowing smoke up your ass just saying how it is

I am in cut now too, I will be posting results, I do not like to give unsolicited advice to competitors such as yourself on your metabolism but I do have some ideas. Perhaps over time we can explore these if you see fit.

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Any advice would be welcome. Shitty metabolism is new territory for me.

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Week 6 Results

Change from wk 5/start

Weight: 191 -0.4 lbs / -13 lbs
Bodyfat: 8.57% -0.69% / -3.63%
Fat Mass: 16.37lbs -1.35 lbs / -8.52 lbs
Lean Mass: 174.63 +0.95 lbs / -4.48 lbs
Waist: No change / -2 7/8"

Calories averaged 584 cals below my TDEE

The new pics I added are from the beginning of the week when I started the infrajet. These will be the baseline pics to see how I transform over the next month while using the infrajet. Not much vascualarity showing since these are morning pics upon first waking up to completely carb depleted and looking relatively flat, but I think it is a more realistic baseline to see how things change.

This was my first full week on the infrajet (Actually 6 days). The most notable change was that I finally added lean mass. Added nearly a pound of lean mass this week which is very significant. For the previous 5 weeks I had been losing lean mass which was concerning. Lean mass is going in the right direction finally and hopefully it continues. Lost over a pound of fat and gained a pound of lean tissue. That is big news when cutting. Only new variable is the infrajet so hopefully this trend continues. Suprised at how much BF I lost also. Usually once I get into the single digits it really starts to slow down but it ramped up from last week. Also a good trend.