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Ex football players:Meniscus


I’m relatively positive plenty of the guys here have a sports background. Played football/baseball myself and in high school we didn’t worry so much about knee braces, sleeves, warming up correctly, and tons of other stuff. Any of y’all have lasting effects from y’all’s high school/college days? Any remedies for knee/lower back pain? Specifically calling to my lineman out there- y’all know how it was.

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just had meniscus repaired in april ish, and had labrum done before that....its frustrating but i am injury prone in sports and have been my entire life, i have truly taken recovery serious as well as warming up static stretching when required (knee sleeves, wrist straps for tendonitis and belt for lower back pain) all things id never used till 30!

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Man I had the exact same surgery. Still not 100%, but tons better than I used to be.

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The only real solution I’ve found for my back and shoulder has been surgery. Previously I was just living with the pain. I wish there was a better solution but I haven’t found one. Best of luck.