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John Haack has today broken the TOTAL WR in Powerlifting for the 198lb Class ..... 1000.5kg Total

Including a 263kg Bench & 402kg Deadlift .....

This Man is NOT Human - All of these Insane Lifts performed in the same day

Easily The Best Powerlifter currently in the World.

To Show just how Strong this is his total is more than that of the 220lb & 242lb weight classes!!!

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JHC he's strong af for his weight. Strong af period, but still. Wow.

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The man is made of different stuff entirely to the rest of humans, he's the lighter version of Larry Wheels effectively. Primed and ready to fire nervous system, steel tendons and insertions, mentally very tough also. If you watch him in competitions even in the most pressurized of circumstances he keeps his cool, never carries on or psyches himself up - just walks up to the bar and gets on with it. I never realised it but he was benching 440lb's naturally before even stepping on gear, now what you see is him on fairly light cycles in all honesty. Times are changing massively now though, you see teenagers jumping onto sarms and then quickly to gear & they are starting lifting much younger too - often around 12 years old so the result of all this is they are effectively at Elite level at just 18 years old Lol

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What people can achieve is truly remarkable. This guy is a certified beast

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I think one of his major strengths is he has a very dense nervous system that he can ignite extremely quickly. If you watch him deadlift he can literally walk up to the bar and just pick it up - there is no taking his time or composing himself to psyche himself up to execute a huge lift. So it means he also wastes no energy in his set up. I would love to know the changes he has made to his cycling and diet over the past 2 years as he has gained a HUGE amount of weight too - almost doesn't look like the same person.

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Well spotted brother. Just shows you how unique we all are. Its just finding what we are great at.

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I just cannot figure it out how he does any of it - he lifts more than many guys I've known over the years who are a strong 280 lb. Granted I guess he is around 225 and cuts down to 200 through extreme dehydration techniques if you watch his videos BUT then comes back in only 24hrs later and lives insane weights all in the same damn day. He truly is one of those 1 in Hundred million freakishly naturally strong people. His muscle fibres and nervous system must be so refined its untrue.

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WOW, impressive

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Always good reads

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Cheers Bud Smile

I would possibly sell BOTH of my Balls for that Bench!! LMAO

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you must not enjoy sex.

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Benching 263kg would be much better than sex lol