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Rumour has it he's entering next years EBC....


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Who the fuck would want to look like that,smfh.

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If any part of that guy burst he could cause a serious accident on the roads Lol ...

Or if he does his own oil changes on his car all he needs to do is drain a bicep...

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The rear view picture of his traps...
Looks like there is a tiny penis growing out of his back...

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I just don’t understand the point of synthol. It’s not like it’s actual muscle, it’s inflated oil so he can still have the strength of when he was a skinny drug addict.

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I may be wrong as I haven’t looked into this case specifically but my first thoughts as it’s Brazil, were sadness that poverty forces people to inflict this kind of thing on themselves in the hope to get some sort of paycheck from it. Very similar to beggars who mutilate themselves in the hope people will be more generous towards them.

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I can believe it mate, I imagine synthol is expensive stuff especially in the quantities these lads are using it. I bet they reuses needles and all sorts

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The fact that these guys try to flex on people or get on stage is insulting.. What a joke haha

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Don't know why they call him a bodybuilder. He isn't building any muscle. I would just call him a circus act.

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Exon Mobil India!

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This guy is going to be a walking oil reserve for ww3! He may be on to something. Diplomatic immunity? Lol

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Saw that...ugh, hell no.

He should have oiled his hands and gotten a little more weight to leverage. LOL.

That or use the forearm melon crusher style the other guy used.

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Looks horrible

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Its those Awesome traps that get me Lol

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Fuck that oily cunt. And fuck that weird Russian kid with fake arms too.