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Primo BOGO Lands


Primo depot 100 mg from their primo BOGO.

Ordered from
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How is the oil from this brand? Can i pin with a 29g? Have some coming my way.

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Well, I’m pinning with 25 gauge and have no issues with it, no pip either. Once I had a vial of Oxydrol by Pharmaqo ,50mg, and holy damn, I’ve never in my life coughed so hard seconds after pinning, and I could taste chemical in my throat. Needless to say... I loved the gains, but this primo oil pins smoothly.

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i had few products from pharmaqo, no pip, and easy with 29g

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I like Pharmaqo products. I get nice gains from their oils.

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Primo is always a fun run except for all the pinning

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I’ve decided to pin it Mon , Wed and Friday. I’ve pinned primo 2x’s weekly before but for some reason I like waking up at 4 am and starting my day with a pin.