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Decided to take advantage of the discount Team Roids Had on their Last Promo. Ordered me a vial of the NPP 150 and 100 Pak of the 10mg Superdrol. Pretty excited to take the superdrol. Been off of it for two weeks now from another source I am going to hop back on tomorrow to see how these compare! Holding Off on the NPP for a little bit because Come the 18th of november I will be going on a pretty long Cruise so No point in cracking into this vial until After my cruise. I am going to start my next blast with this NPP and see how I like it. I have a million other vials of NPP to run after this one. But this one will be ran first and If I like it I will for sure order Mass amounts of it. TD was 20 days.

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100pk of SD. That is going to last awhile. Lol

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Psh your tellilng me I still have another 100pk on the way LMAO in regards to Bulking orals I am officially all set. I am going to be getting some Var pretty soon. I already have some in my stash but only about X50 50mg pills. A little more Var will never hurt anyone. Got some Dbol and anadrol on the way to. I have to stop placing orders till december now because I am going away for the second half of November and I probably will have a pack or two land while I am away and the chances of it being there when I get home are not very good lol. Well see what happens tho maybe Ill get lucky and all these intl packs will land before the 18th. fingers crossed.

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