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+ 10 Leg update


Right now just trying to gain/maintain. I see a little progress in my legs from last one. Working them hard. Trying to really focus on TUT. I wanna get more insertions. sorry forgot to add.

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How do you dry them? almost jerky-dry! Like the look

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Damn those hussies, thing one and thing two.

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Some powerful looking wheels!

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Looking solid brother! For some reason I always get pain in the quads that last for a day or 2..no matter what side, I’m assuming virgin muscles?

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Solid legs

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So you do have some legs afterall. Lol

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My two cents brother. Give it a shot as a change up for a 2-3 month periodization.

Hit legs twice a week, but quads and hams same day. Make sure you’re eating enough and spacing enough time in between and continuing to focus on time under tension. I can say from experience at least for myself and others I know that compete at higher levels that at a point when you really want to create growth, stimulus twice a week really makes a difference.

Preexhaust the adductors and glute med by hitting hip addiction/abduction first. Then chose your main compound lift for the day whether that is high/low bar back squat, front squat, leg press, dead’s, etc. Then right to your extension and curls. Bilateral movement. The second leg day of the week should be started the same, but chose a different compound movement (high volume) and then your extension and curls should be single leg, unilateral movements.
Finish with your choice of walking or standing lunges and of course never neglect the calves.

I’ve seen a lot of improvement for myself here over the last year utilizing this training method. Changing up rep and weight ranges as well as time under tension every 8-12 weeks or so. Keeps it fresh even if they are the same movements. Simple, but effective.

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I have decent adductors. I’ll throw up a pic of my last peak week before my last show. I personally think they really make the rest of the quads pop well giving a different dimension especially if you have high insertions and a good sweep on the lateralis

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I usually have a 2x/wk split which has worked pretty good. 1x/wk wasn't cutting it. 1 day focused on quads and 1 day focused on hams.

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I do same at that working to good for me too

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Nice mate! I saw your last post +1 keep it up Smile

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