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Finally had this Arrive from RB. Heard Mixed Reviews about PharmaQo orals so I will keep everyone Informed. I was A long route getting here but the RB team was attentive and ready to do what was needed. I will let everyone know my honest opinion on these orals.

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Lol that’s what you waited 6 weeks for? 1 pack of Sdrol? I’m waiting the same for one pack of anavar Smile

But also, I’m currently using the PharmaQo Sdrol during my offseason right now pulsing it with adrol. Good stuff

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Why with anadrol? Are you offset the sides by running a lower dose of each? I found I still felt lethargic even on 10mg of SD oral. Inj version is like the oral version on steroids.

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Not so much bro. I’m just not a fan of pinning often. I have used inj Sdrol in the past and enjoyed it. But my coach gave me the idea of trying to pulse orals two weeks on two weeks off and I actually have had great results with that the last two off seasons so I’ve just continued to utilize that

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Understandable mate. I’m interested in hearing about your results on mixing the 2 if you have some time. What dosages are you running, what are the results like, have you encountered any sides and how does it compare to only running one by itself?

I also will always pulse my orals although I normally take a longer break than 2 weeks between as I need more time for my BP and other things to settle down a lot of the time.

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No problem bro.

I typically run the Anadrol 50mg twice daily or just 50mg pre workout. 2 weeks on. Followed by Sdrol either 10mg twice daily or 20mg pre workout. Usually just 1 week on, more than 10 days and I do start to feel lethargic. Then I take a week off, and repeat.

I find that if I run Anadrol longer than 2 weeks the returns are VASTLY diminishing. So I never do. Thankfully my BP is well controlled with a low dose HCTZ 12.5mg daily. And I have baseline HTN stage 1. But with that prescription med from my doc, even with the orals, my blood pressure never gets too high at baseline. Only goes up while training which is to be expected.

I find that pulsing orals like this keeps sides to a minimum, keeps receptors fresh, and has optimized my ability to continue to make quality gains during the offseason. Anymore I’ve really been utilizing the orals as an androgen to just get more of a push during my workouts, vs spreading them throughout the day. That has also helped with the reflux I’ve had with them in the past and minimized the amount I’ve had to take any PPIs.

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I did something similar. I did 2 weeks Sdrol then 2 week Adrol. Its just the Sdrol sides are so bad. So instead of hopping off orals all together during my bulk I just do a little Switcharoonie and it works out great. Me I can only get a good 2 weeks of Sdrol use in before the tiredness kicks in and the massive headaches. The anadrol comes into play after the Sdrol and I dont experiences many sides from anadrol so it helps me in Still gaining strength and Size and mass when I switch the two back and forth. NOW mixing Anadrol and Superdrol together Never did it and I dont think I would. lol Sometimes I will go to use some Dbol instead of Anadrol when I do the switch. But I have mass amounts of anadrol and Sdrol wich is why I use this switch. I do have Dbol On the way tho. and a little bit here now but Ive been savoring it. Same with the Var I got. lol. Some Serious Packs are landing within the next couple weeks tho and My oral collection will be just as nice as my Oil collection lol Also Sdrol is really the only one that shoots my BD thru the roof man I was 184/104 on the last time I used Sdrol. The current Sdrol I am using now ( I posted pic of it the other day Not this one) is pretty mild and my BP seems to be fine. Not really getting Head aches the way I was on the other brand I was using.

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Makes me feel better about the quality hearing ur using it. I think we were talking about it a while back and you had not started it yet. I am using Sdrol from somewhere else now. I am going to do week two of sdrol with this PharmaQo to compare.

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With sdrol I find no need to go past 10 MG pre workout man. Its pretty strong shit. Also, depends on the brand I use. If its very mild I would consider bumping to 20mg split 10 am 10 pm but so far I have not found a sdrol I would do that with

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I can attest for the quality of the pharmaqo sdrol… superior quality…10mg pre workout for me is more then enough.

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GOOD shit man. Makes me happy to see a few Vets on here speak well of this Sdrol. I was seeing Mixed Reviews about it Pretty excited to give it a go. Defentially one of my favorite orals. Ive never gone past 10mg pre workout After the first week the head aches kick in and then the tiredness.

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I’ve used this and two other brands. This is the second time I’ve pulsed it. I’ll pm you the other two

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Yea man lol. Crazy. I was going on a Sdrol bender just buying different brands. Next is Var tho.

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Let me know how it works out bro

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I would say you are well stocked up on SD now.

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yea idk what I was thinking got about 230 of them lmao. Its like Pokemon card gotta get em all. Im working on the DHB and HGH stash now. Our country is to unpredictable I am planning for the apocalypse.

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Good deal boss im thinking about those as well as Dbol and Anadrol. Are you gonna start them soon or hold off until the next cycle?

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I think I might take them for a spin for a week or so. I just started superdrol from somewhere else yesterday so Im going to pop them for a week and then try these for a week. Then I am going on my cruise. November 18th I start my cruise so Ill update what i feel about these I should be able to tell with strength and pumps. I can usually tell pretty quick with Sdrol