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Naps GP TNE, Hucog Hcg, Cabaser


This took 16 days from order to delivery. This is the last of gear to get before starting my winter cycle.

Have never used TNE before but I am ready to try it and see what the rave is all about!

Geneza Pharmaceutical Testosterone No Ester 100mg/ml
Hucog Hcg 10000 iu/ml
Cabaser 1mg tablets

Ordered from: 
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Geneza is definitely on my top 3

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Same here!

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Naps is the ONLY source that sells Geneza line products. That is there own line . Just because they are out of the top , just means bad fuckin luck . They always had top notch gear , just need more help on the shipping side of the game ..... that was my source for almost 10 years ...
+2 bro
Good gear !

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I with you on that one Fosgate! I've used several different GP products: Winstrol, testosterone, trenbolone, anadrol, T3, clomid, Nolvadex, M1T and Clenbuterol. All have been top notch and definitely properly dosed. Shipping was very quick and I have never had an issue. You said that was your source for 10 ten years... Why did you switch?

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Just kept gettin hit , couldn’t get it to the house . They have some top notch gear man . Other than that , I would still use them , just can’t take a hit like that bro ...

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Don’t think you can post pics of their gear on here anymore? They aren’t a verified source anymore

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naps is under the top ten...

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Not verified either.

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I never even thought about that! Thanks for the heads up. Can an exp or mod confirm this? If so, I'll bring this down.