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HGH - 7 kits x 260iu


Just received my order of HGH packaged in 26ius per vial. Took about 10 days from donation to delivery (domestic US). Bloods will be posted within a month.

Ordered from: 
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Any word on the quality Brother?

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Hey bruv, not yet. I am pinning 5ius per day and feel some side effects but idk if that's just my mind playing tricks on me. Fat does seem to be thinning on my stomach. Getting my bloods done in two weeks, stay posted on it. Will be doing GH and Igf - 1.

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I think these are the same white tops from two other US Dom sources

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Thank you for your posting picture bro! Enjoy it!

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Is 1ml enough for 26 IUs , never had such high dosaged hgh

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The vials are large enough to put 2.6ml of water in it. So we all good with the measurements!

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It should be OK. Just need to keep in mind that each unit (1/10) will be 2.6 iu.