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+ 4 *BUNK* Growthbio & Toptop White Tops HGH


These are my labs while taking 5 iu's of white top HGH, 2.5 iu's first thing in the morning and 2.5 iu's in the evening for 45 days. As you can tell these white tops are bunk and I speculate they are same ones from toptop. I'm done with the unlabeled HGH and now have purchased some from another vendor.

Look at my last photos for toptop bloods.

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Oh no!!!! Now I'm concerned about wether or not I should even order their pharma grade. They sell pharma grade pens 45 iu international for 200$ a piece. I think that's pretty freaking good. Dang,,this is a downer.

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I’m on generic “unbranded “ hgh right now and I posted my bloods the other day. 4IU a day and my igf 1 is 430 so there definitely is legit affordable stuff out there. I think these are $200 for 100IU.

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Not to bash anyone, but what do you expect when you pay 160 bucks for 120iu hgh...

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There are generics available for $0.70 per unit they have amazing purity/quality and there are generics with label for $3 per unit they're bunk.
Maybe he has a very low baseline and he hasn't written how long before he did bloods he injected.

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There are many generics out there that have produced amazing results for several eroids members. I just happened to get underdosed products

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Fair enough, like I said my comment wasn't to bash. What I see is that it's always hit or miss with this stuff. Not a lot of sources are consistent.

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Yessir but I'm on the hunt!

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Do you have any pre HGH bloodwork? How long have you been on for? For 5iu I would definitely be expecting higher numbers.

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Yes sir. Pre bloods are posted in my prior photos and Igf 1 was 105. So it's doubled on 5ius...