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+ 1 Bloods 8 weeks after PCT


Ran a cut cycle of DP Test e 500mg/wk for 12 weeks. PCT was Clomid and nolva by GP and PC. Baseline test is about 621.

I need some advice on my Urea. Should I be alarmed?

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I dont want to comment on the few things the guys mentioned below (im.not a pro) but in terms of your hpta and you lh fsh test levels, looks like you bounced back very well. Were yiu still on clomid up to the blood test? Can you do me a favor and post or pm me your regimen? Seems like you did something right and i just got back into the game and i like to do things the right way as close to it as i can atleast. Thanks bud

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Hey man! This was 8 weeks after the end of all PCT drugs so I wasn't on anything.


1000 iu Hcg every 3 days during the two week break between last test injection and first day of PCT (also took 500 iu Hcg every 4th day during cycle)

Day one: 300 mg clomid 60 mg nolva
Day 2-15: 100 mg clomid 40 mg nolva
Day 16-40: 50 mg clomid 20 mg nolva

Hope this helps!

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The 300mg jumpstart is to get you to a 50mg steady state dose. Youre overdosing with the 100
It should be 300mg day 1 then 50 for the duation of clomid use

60mg nolv will give no benefit over 20mg nolv

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What will overdosing cause?

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Wow pretty heavy pct, any sides?

300mg jumpstart then 100mg Clomid for 2 weeks.

If i didnt see your bloods id say its a bif much but what can i say your bw looks good.

Iv never see such an agreesive pct before, atleast clomid wise. Im going to see how this cycle goes and how aggressive i get with it and then gauge my pct half way through. Thanks bud, big help!

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Zero sides... Well maybe not. I figure since technically 500 mg of test is considered a heavy cycle to the old timers, better to take a heavy pct. I did get a little emotional (almost cried watching Forest Gump in the scene where Bubba dies) at times.

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R.I.P Bubba:(

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Id speculatebthat as your electrolytes are all looking good you probably werent dehydrated
Most likely cause was too much orotein in your diet and/or a tough training regimen. Bith lead to a bimp in BUN. And nothing to worry about, but doscuss with doc

Niacin flush for ldl, get nicitonic acid and research how to use it and right doses

Wbc... i think that would be a flag for doctors. They would probably want a retest in a few weeks or a month or so

Estro is low..

Still affected by pct meds or an ai???

Did you test shbg? Free test seems low??

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Niacin flush? Never heard of it. Need to read up on that part. My estrogen is always this low, even before gear. I do agree my free is low and will get shbg tested

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Theres a post where ppl put in some really solid info, in off topic forum, on niacin

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Dehydration, a high protein diet, and a urinary tract blockage (kidney stone) are some causes of high levels of urea nitrogen in the blood. It could also be caused by the kidneys not fully removing the urea from the blood stream. With any out of range levels there should be some concerns but the only way to determine the actual cause and how alarmed you should be, is follow up tests of both blood and urine, and have these tests interpreted by your doctor. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advice! I'll get another one in 3 months and see how my levels are