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Freaky Fast T/A


I have some high expectations on this HGH based on what I've read.

The promo included the IGF-1 which just so happens to be something I was going to use starting next week so I'll be test driving that as well.

Came securely packaged, fast and with the great labeling etc. you see in the pic.

Ordered from: 
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Best around, how many iu are you doing man?

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I've been coasting at 6iu/day on another great brand for quite some time compared to getting in 8-10iu+.

During grow season I thought would drop down to 6iu and pick it up during a prep for contest or just because.

I am going to start this 5iu/day and see how things feel. The most recent brand I had to drop to 4iu for a couple weeks based on it's effects both positive and slightly negative.

If I feel good at 5iu and still see similar or better results or a couple weeks I'll bump to 6iu and go from there since I am starting a prep phase in the next week or so.

With other things added to the mix for fat burning I don't see a point in just hammering away GH if I am getting excellent results. It will be more cost effective and allow me to have something to move up to later in the prep if needed.

Just mixed the first vial...looks great and the vacuum is insanely good!

Pretty excited.

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Thanks for sharing sir, keep us posted!

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Great presentation, fast service and T/A along with excellent vacuum and puck size.

Looking forward to a good test drive.

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Pretty excited.

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Looking good brother, you planning on getting your igf tested while on?

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Doubtful brother.

If I see what is needed in the mirror for fat loss, hair/nails growing like crazy and continued great sleeping I am happy.

With numbers being so subjective based on time of day/amount/person to person etc. including testing the product itself I've much preferred to have a "results based" proven value than testing.

I'm not against it however.

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I heard that, plenty of signs to look for to see the quality.

I’m excited to see what this next prep phase brings for you. I’ll be leaning out myself and finally got a place to train properly so let’s see what we can do!

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Amen brother!

I'm sure you will kick some serious ass.