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+ 5 - 10 Extra Bayer Testoviron amps from OS -


I had originally ordered and paid for Bayer Testoviron amps from OS but was told they unfortunately didn't have enough to fill my large order and was sent Geofman Test E amps instead. OS was nice enough to send an extra 10 Bayer amps to compensate for the price difference. Great customer service, thanks for taking care if me OS!

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Thank you brother,

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Nice +1

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i have not. im a bit weary of any organon sust to be honest. sooo many fakes out there, even a top 3 source came up with some fakes with blood tests from a member to prove it. ill stick with testovirons, geofmans, normas, testex, rotex medica, or zafa. better bet imo

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Nice!! +1

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Best test e +1

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So how are you gonna pin this since it has prop and e? Nice score bro

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testoviron is testosterone enanthate bro. no prop in it

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