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CONFUSED. Bad igf1 results at higher dosage.


So about 2 weeks ago i posted my igf 1 results from toptop at 3iu daily (am shot) and my results came back at 209.
I decided to finish the last of my 10 vials at 5iu daily (pm shot) and restest. For some reason tbe results came back lower than at 3iu. Makes no sense.
The only variables between tests were tgay my original test was thru labcorp and this one was done thru quest.
I changed from an a.m shot to a p.m shot.
And also 2 weeks further into a test tren EQ cycle.
been taking low dose t3 and 25mg proviron.
I been a customer of top for a few years now and know he stands by his product and guarentees it. But this blood work shows a different story. Something is off. I dont see how 5iu daily for 12 days can illicit such a poor reading. Less than i had at 3iu. Any input is appreciated.

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Did u do a baseline IGF before u even did the first test? Without knowing ur baseline who knows how much the GH is even effecting the number because a 209 is within the normal range and isn't even elevated unless of course your baseline is well below that number, but without a baseline u don't know

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You need to know the assay/methodology used by each lab and if different you cannot compare. There are way too many factors that affect this and there is plenty of research to show comparisons across assays/methodologies cannot/should not be relied on.

Furthermore there is a timing issue. For most accurate results the blood draw needs to be done 24hours following the last pin and at least 7 days of running the dose consistently. This has been proved via research - Check in with MegaT833 if you need to. The switch to pm injecting where you are likely testing in the am will be throwing things off.

Lastly your taking Provi and while not yet proved there is suspected interference with Provi on ECLIA based Immunoassay tests. Some on this board are doing a bunch of research on this right now. Take a look at my last comment on this forum -

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Here you go this is from a study in Journal of Advancement in Medicine
Clinical Experiences Using a Low-Dose, High-Frequency Human Growth Hormone Treatment Regimen pg 186

"There are some caveats that need to be considered when examining plasma IGF-1 measurements. There are variations in laboratory methods and reference ranges; moreover, IGF-1 concentrations reported for a given plasma sample varied among different laboratories by as much as 100 ng/ml. Another caution is that
we have seen diurnal variations in plasma IGF-1 concentrations.Therefore, all blood samples used for data analysis here were drawn between 1PM and 2 PM. These precautions allowed for accurate comparisons of IGF-1 levels for a given patient."

Interferences in Immunoassay:

The investigation of interferences in immunoassay.

Analytical error and interference in immunoassay: minimizing risk.

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My bloods on the tops were a little inconsistent. I think I had to go up to 6iu to get my igf over 300. IMO there are better options out there.

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They’re probably right, I started taking 6 iu a day for 11 days and came back at 400 after a some what disappointing first test. tested 24 hr after 11th injection, I had upped my dosage buy 1 iu and went from 2 shots to one a day. I was worried because I wasn’t having common side effects. After I did that though it started to feel like my blood pressure was up and I was bloated. It looks like we got our stuff around the same time.

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ya refer to dacky... he has some rly good info about how proviron affected his igf results on provi

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Proviron will throw the numbers off