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  • bigbain   •   Thu, Nov 12th, '20 03:08   •   1 reply, 182 views

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Received as a promo order from myroidshop1.net
1 10ml atlas deca 250 and 1 10ml Atlas sustanon 250

I never tried Atlas products before and for some reason always wanted to.
I can't really leave to much of a review because just as it really started to shine I ran out,.so I will probably be buying more in the future.
As far as side effects go I had none from the sustanon except some light gyno started to show.
The deca I was a little moody on but that's the normal for me with nandrolone.

My strength started to pick up a quite a bit, but again....I ran out shortly after it really hit me.
Over all, it seems right in the middle for me of other brands ,but to hard to tell without being able to run a full cycle.


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  • 5 months ago

Have fun bro....