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  • bigbain   •   Sun, Sep 6th, '20 19:29   •   1 reply, 293 views

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2 halo and 1 primo from myroidshop trying out.
So far so good. Wanted to give it a try,
Definitely legit.


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  • bigbain
  • 5 months ago

Tried out a promo from myroidshop and received 2 HALOTESTINE RP and one PRIMO RP.
Shipping was very fast! A little less than 2 weeks with great communication and help if needed without long waits.
I have never tried Halo or primo before period , from any brand.
Because of my lack of equipment at the time.....and moment for that matter. I did a lot of powerlifting of logs, concrete,engines etc. I started taking 35 my a day of halo until I ran out and loved it! Definitely noticed quick strength gains ,had no side effects noticed. Will be buying more in the future.
I started .
The Primo I didn't notice much, but I think it's because I was only taking 50mg a day and ran out quickly. However I did seem to put me in a good mood.
Very happy with myroidshop and there selection. Really couldn't ask for me!