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+ 10 You shouldn't train to failure in the gym if you want to build muscle and strength


I think this is guy is full of shit. Actually I know he is full of shit. His reasoning is "that it knocks your confidence". ROFL He obviously isn't a bodybuilder so maybe this is some sort of strange powerlifter mentality, I don't really know. All I know is that training to failure is one of the key principles of hypertrophy.

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Les read it

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When I was researching how to grow my arms I came across this. I used it for warm ups and it absolutely worked. I put together a similar routine for biceps. It worked for me

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Good share! Thanks brother.

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I threw this one up awhile back. Arms every day.

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Bro when I pumped up my arms to 20” I was training them to failure everyday several times a day. I was absolutely fanatical. I was lucky enough to have a preacher curl machine with the leg extension. 2 in 1. When my biceps failed I’d get on that thing raise it up with my legs and do slow negatives until I couldn’t stand it

Arnold has a quote that the last few painful reps separates normal people from champions. I wish I knew how to post it

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What kind of contraption is that...leg press and preacher all in one Lol

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Ha yeah I edited it. Leg extension. It was the middle of the night

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If you don't fail you fail. This is why people go to the gym for years and don't change.

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I wouldn’t take lifting advice from hafthor any more than I’d take running advice from usain bolt or swim tips from Michael Phelps. They’re so genetically elite it just isn’t wise for me to try to take the same approach they have.

Poor haf, doesn’t look like he’s not playing with a full deck of cards either. Seems like a nice guy though.

Mr John meadows on the other hand, there’s a grinder who had to dig his way to the top with hard work and elbow grease. I’ll listen to him all day. RIP big guy.

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This is a misleading article for clickbaits.

Not once in the article has he mentioned about bodybuilders training to failure. As press mentioned he is referring to a powerlifting strategy to make you mentally prepared or confident when going to a meet. The title is misleading and then the author goes in her own direction and makes it sound like he is talking about bodybuilders by using words like athletes and weightlifters instead of powerlifters. Note he doesn't even use the words "training to failure" that's what the author has used. he mentions: "Always trying for that PR [personal record] is a huge mistake," I am not a professional powerlifter but there's no way these guys are always going for their PR weights.

The one time he is quoted about muscle building or "training to failure" is this one line quote:
"Training to failure may create more muscle stimulation which could boost improvements to muscle strength and size, Landsverk previously reported." So not exactly disagreeing with training to failure in bodybuilding.

I wouldn't take the author's words to be his. There's only 3 small quotes in the article from him, over 90% of the article isn't even in his words or statements from him but the author's, and then she quotes words or statements from some random: "Jessica Mazzucco, a New York City based personal trainer" and "Insider's Gabby Landsverk". Gabby herself if you click the source link mentions training till failure will add muscle mass but can also increase risk of injury (true)

It just looks like the they cherry picked his statements about always trying to for your PR in powerlifting training sessions and tried to make it sound like he is talking about bodybuilding.

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He's meaning that if you keep going for PR's in say Deadlift - if you keep failing then you will get a mental block in your head about getting the lift, and you will start to doubt yourself. You need to keep the bar going up week in week out as half the mental battle is believing you will get it. It can mean the difference between breaking it off the ground and not. He currently holds the worlds biggest Deadlift record at 501kg too.

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Falls right in line with those newbs that keep citing added muscle weight without lifting report off medical website. Not understanding its just glycogen load...

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This will get picked up by the new crowds so fast... it goes hand in hand with the new "you don't need to do research to do steroids" mentality.

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Terrible stuff.