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+ 2 Powerlifter Mark Bell Says a Charles Poliquin Workout Made John Cena Puke


It has been a few years since we lost in my opinion the most ground breaking strength and hypertrophy coach in the business. Most of my training concepts are centered on Poliquin principles. They are hard and absolutely produce results. Glad I am not the only one that has puked after one of his workouts.

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I read the article you posted. Where can I find these workout methods? Seems like a lot of TUT. Interested in reading about these methods. I need to switch it up a little and looking to step my game up. The routine has become redundant. Looking for new ways. Maybe PM it to me if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks @Makwa EDIT- never mind I was able to find some info on the internet. Thanks

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I don't know if you have seen it, but I am slowly posting up my latest workout based pretty much on poloquin principles.

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I started this today brother. Down to a T even with the tempo. 100% had to take ego out of the way. And wow man this is just what I needed. Thanks brother. I copy and pasted this shit into my notes and followed it as written. Reps tempo split everything. I felt it alright. Needed the confusion

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Poloquin and Parillo methods kept me from injury and launched me forward in gains quickly. Iron heroes

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What happened??

Lmfaooo sorry I had to…I’ll leave now..