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+ 3 Greatest bodybuilders of all time


Lot of old names and memories here. Of course Arnold is #1 Lol

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Lou ferrigno should be higher up. He had to go against Arnold and should have won once.

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No nubret, aoron baker on the list, it sucks lol

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How on earth can they leave Andreas out of there? Not sure how Arnie can be the greatest of all time when his legs were so weak compared to his chest and biceps.

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Politics/favoritism is involved in the sport from the bottom up. Not just at top level comps. Some of the shit I have seen and experienced has really put a bad taste in my mouth and really has me shaking my head wondering why I even do this in the first place.

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Just look at the 07 Olympia victor Martinez wiped the floor with everyone even cutler couldn’t hold a candle to Vic but guess who won shit changed for me after that Olympia.

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You're the only guy to mention politics and you're right. Arnold is allowed to enter the 80 Mr.Olympia competition on the day of and not only that he's one of the organizers for the Mr. Olympia for Joe Weider. Lol straight conflict of interest. Worst part about it all is he looked like trash. Mike Mentzer should of won 80 Olympia according to all. And speaking of Kevin Levrone, both he and Flex Wheeler had the best genetics ever. Both should of at least won one Olympia

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I agree. In fact, he had many weaknesses, & people speak on him like he is the undisputed bodybuilding champion of the universe, without flaw. His abs, his legs & his overall balance and proportions weren't all that great. Maybe his first few years he was the obvious choice, but as the sport progressed, he did not. I imagine there was a good amount of money guiding his last few wins, because there were many better competitors. He has a few great poses, but that’s still all you see of him

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Pretty sure Franco Columbo is named 10th Greatest of all time just because he's Arnies best mate lol Sure Columbo was an awesome powerlifter for the time and tbh still holds his own for his weight, but he wasn't an amazing bodybuilder.