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My Recovery is gracious Gift from God. Just for Today: The guidance I need to become a new person is ready at hand. Today, I will draw further away from my old lack of direction and closer to my Higher Power. The longer I am clean & sober the clearer it is that the voice of my Higher Power is people who share Recovery. The more I reach out to you, the further I get from active using. I have seen 7 professional therapists in my life, I think some of them suggested AA/NA but they had never been to a meeting. When I went to Narcotics Anonymous, some people with a lot of Recovery told me to go to 90 meeting in 90 days. Some people there could do the readings like "How It Works" by heart. I knew they didn't just say go to meetings, they went to a lot of meetings. The people I met at my first meeting were at other meetings I went to. When we all said together "One is too many, and a thousand never enough" it got into my mind and my heart.
Just For Today I will stay clean and lift.

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Well said AUTO51. I KNOW what its like it really took me forever to understand 1 is to many and a 1000 is not enough. Seeing I just took 4 years I am more aware today that the more in tuned I am with my higher power thru daily meditation and prayer the more sensitive I am to what he is trying to do for me and thru me in my life..The more I practice the suggestion giving to me in the rooms of recovery the more equipped I will be to live life on lifes terms