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The Recovery Lounge Group

If you’ve overcame addiction or if you’re needing help fighting the addiction, here’s a closed group to share your experiences & needs ect. I’m so glad I found this found this group, there’s some of us from all aspects and stages of recovery here, I hope we can connect and build something to help us in some way.
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I need you guys
Cjames502 Jun, 2024
I have serious questions, do you guys think rehab is the one...
Azn2101, 19 hours 7 min ago 18
Check-in, status report
Cjames502 Jun, 2024
Thank you for the new members that have recently joined, wer...
Izzy75, 1 week 1 day ago 5
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  • Step One
    WesWatson May, 2024
    When I was drinking all I could ever think about was "I, I,...
    WesWatson, 3 weeks 2 days ago 0
    Step One
    WesWatson May, 2024
    When I was drinking all I could ever think about was "I, I,...
    Whatdayisit, 3 weeks 2 days ago 1
    The Past Is OVER
    WesWatson May, 2024
    Whatever is done is over. It cannot be changed. But my attit...
    AUTO51, 1 month 2 days ago 2
    A new sense of belonging
    WesWatson May, 2024
    After four years in A.A. I was able to discover the freedom...
    WesWatson, 1 month 3 days ago 2
    Take care of ourselves
    Cjames502 Apr, 2024
    It’s around 4 AM where I’m at, I know something a lot of us...
    Cjames502, 1 month 2 weeks ago 0
    Big welcome
    Cjames502 Apr, 2024
    Just wanted to say welcome to all the new members that are j...
    Cjames502, 1 month 2 weeks ago 3
    Sorry for downtime
    Cjames502 Apr, 2024
    For some reason, the past few days it wouldn’t let me get on...
    DolphinBalls76, 1 month 2 weeks ago 3
    What has helped you the most at AA or Narcotics Anonymous meetings?
    press1 Apr, 2024
    A Big Welcome to many of the New Members that have joined th...
    AUTO51, 1 month 2 weeks ago 8
    Cjames502 Apr, 2024
    So as of right now, I pretty much accept every pending reque...
    press1, 2 months 1 day ago 11
    Welcome new members
    Cjames502 Apr, 2024
    It's not a requirement, but it would be cool if all new memb...
    Dimsum779, 2 months 1 week ago 7
    Check in
    Cjames502 Mar, 2024
    How’s everyone doing? Unfortunately, my stress level has bee...
    smurfdude1234567, 2 months 2 weeks ago 8
    Was up
    vizco7622 Mar, 2024
    My current sobriety date is June 26 2023.. Working the step...
    SlayerSC, 2 months 2 weeks ago 11
    Cjames502 Mar, 2024
    I just wanted to say welcome to all the new members that joi...
    Cjames502, 3 months 5 hours ago 0
    New members
    Cjames502 Mar, 2024
    I would like to welcome all the new members that I’ve joined...
    press1, 3 months 2 days ago 3
    How psychedelics saved my life.
    hyperborean Mar, 2024
    Crazy story… So I got hooked on oxy back in 2008. By 2010...
    AUTO51, 3 months 5 days ago 1
    So much potential here
    Cjames502 Mar, 2024
    I hope everybody has a good start to their weekend, I just w...
    Cjames502, 3 months 4 days ago 6
    New group admin appointed
    BFG Mar, 2024
    In hopes of revitalizing this section, Cjames502 has been ap...
    AUTO51, 3 months 5 days ago 2
    What helps you all when going through rough times?
    Shitsy43 Feb, 2024
    So I've been going through a lot for a good while now and to...
    Cjames502, 3 months 1 week ago 23
    Just for today: January 29th 2024
    Smalldawg11 Jan, 2024
    Sometimes reality slaps us right in the face. We may be out...
    Smalldawg11, 4 months 2 weeks ago 5
    Just joined
    Smalldawg11 Jan, 2024
    Thanks for the invite to the group. Glad to see support like...
    bip3434, 4 months 2 weeks ago 6
    From Isolation to Connection
    AUTO51 Jan, 2024
    Cheers~! This is a quote from NABasic Text page 4= "Our dise...
    Smalldawg11, 4 months 2 weeks ago 10
    New member here...
    Cjames502 Jan, 2024
    I just wanna say I’m grateful to be a member of this group,...
    AUTO51, 4 months 3 weeks ago 3
    Wishing Everyone A Very Merry Christmas :-))
    press1 Dec, 2023
    I Hope everyone in the group is keeping well and has had a p...
    press1, 5 months 2 weeks ago 8
    A Great Film for my Brothers ....
    press1 Nov, 2023
    I Hope everyone is doing great and remaining resilient at th...
    press1, 4 months 3 weeks ago 3
    A Trip down Memory lane ....
    press1 Sep, 2023
    I Hope Everyone is keeping well at the moment and keeping th...
    AUTO51, 8 months 1 week ago 3
    Not Hopelessly Bad
    AUTO51 Sep, 2023
    I am grateful today for this group. I stay clean by going to...
    whodaguy808, 9 months 1 week ago 2
    Happy sober labor day weekend!
    Brozowski265 Sep, 2023
    Hey everybody. Hope all is well, staying strong enjoying fa...
    Gym and Bikes_bro, 9 months 2 weeks ago 14
    Fifteenth Year Done
    AUTO51 Aug, 2023
    Celebrating 15 Years Clean...
    AngryJohnny7448, 9 months 3 weeks ago 8
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