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+ 2 It Dosent happen overnight

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We are not cured of alcoholism. What we really have is a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of our spiritual condition.

The most common alcoholic fantasy seems to be: "If I just don't drink, everything will be all right." Once the fog cleared for me, I saw—for the first time—the mess my life had become. I had family, work, financial and legal problems; I was hung up on old religious ideas; there were sides of my character to which I was inclined to stay blind because they easily could have convinced me that I was hopeless and pushed me toward escape again. The Big Book guided me in resolving all of my problems. But it didn't happen overnight—and certainly not automatically—with no effort on my part. I need always to recognize God's mercy and blessings that shine through any problem I have to face.

Our people need us to participate more frequently in here.
This is a very unique, special part of Eroids I take seriously. My recovery is honestly the ONLY THING I TAKE SERIOUSLY IN MY LIFE TODAY.
I keep accepting all u new men/women into this spiritual realm & I only see& hear from the same 4-5 people.
Speak up!!!
Who are u, where has this disease brought u, what was YOUR ROCK BOTTOM, when did the pain become great enough.
Share ur experience,STRENGTH & HOPE with these newcomers people.
Come on!!!!!!!

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In difficult moments, when everything fell out of hand, as there was a divorce, I lost my job, the desire to live and move, illness. The gym saved me, I just first came to communicate, I saw how others were training. Then I started on my own and in the process of training, the thirst and desire to live returned to me. I mean, at such moments you need to find activities that bring pleasure and happiness. Replace negative emotions with positive ones.

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thank you propheticWookie.
the gym has also saved my mental health, serenity, and spirituality.
welcome to the Recovery Lounge PropheticWookie.
This is a wonderful place for us fellow addicts/alcoholics to share our experience, stregnth& hope .
there IS HOPE.
If we didnt we wouldnt have got clean, and keep putting 1 shoe in front of the other.
god bless and plz contribute at least once a week. thanks and again, welcome.

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What’s going on sober people!? I’m a retread here at eroids and aa. Got sober at 26 the first time, put together 5 years. Got the job, house, wife, and kids life got busy and I put aa on the back burner. Decided I was cured and drinking wouldn’t be so bad. Well, 6 years of drinking later and I’m back. Things didn’t get as bad as they could of for sure, I didn’t pick the needle back up but it was getting there at the end. Been back around for 4 months and things are starting to get better. Really glad something like this exists here. I definitely don’t talk about gear in aa so it’s nice to have like minded people. Also meetings in my area have takin a pretty hard hit with Covid so it’s nice to have this as a option to talk as well. Thanks for posting this Jack!

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welcome to the R.C. Tyrone.
ty for sharing ur experience stregnth& hope with the community here.
sometrhing u sday might click for someone&7 u may save a life. U never know how u truly impact people. as in u i mean me, us & u as well.
in order for me to change my life i had to change my habbits. not substitute a bad one for a healthier one. at the same time i agreee with my boy pounds under here.
weve all ad diffewrent experiences, etc.... bjt what we all have in common is the desire to stop using& have control over ojur lives.
theres so much GREAT STREGNTH& HOPE IN HERE& i need to see everyone chiminmg in at leasat once a week ladies& gentleman.
Lets get this rocking again with high energy, positivity, spirituality& feed off ceachther. lets fuckimg do this man.
PS- what do u guys thgink about if i started a 12 week A.W.O.L. (a way of life)???
eacxh weel well read & go over the step 1-12.
are u as interested in ur recxovery as u are air to fucking breathe???!!! exactly
lets takew it back to Bill W. & Dr. Bob.
well start monday.
lets see whonis takjingvthere recxoivery sereiuoiusly.
no ones gonna get vput von blast or called out but i want Full participation. this is a test to see if we could hold future meetings of such and maybe someone will hear something that may save there lives.

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Well Done buddy - Use your training as what drives you to NEVER go near drink again. Thats what I began to use the day I stopped, always think to yourself whenever you are tempted to pick that bottle up in the supermarket - 'If I drink this my last week of training will go down the Shitter. All that effort in training, pinning and eating was all for nothing - and thats if you are lucky to get out of it again before it truly grabs you by the balls!!. I've just completed 7.5 years at Xmas, it hasn't all been a breeze especially the first week of sobriety and then at other testing times of injury, illnesses and deaths in the family but you have to get past the days of using excuses like that to start drinking again. As Will Smith says in 7 pounds - STOP BEING WEAK!! Always remember that the worst day sober is 100 times easier than the worst day being Drunk Good Yes 3

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thank u so much for sharing press.
i love hearing when u speak.
u have alot of great knowledge to share here in the R.C.
please do the fellowship a solid & plz help by posting or sharing something/ anything on a weekly basis plz. id like to get some routine gong on in here.
i know i can call on u for my front line solders.

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Anytime mate - You are one of the good guys on here. I missed you when you weren't on here for a while and hoped you would find the strength and rise above & come back. I'll always do anything to help out someone who I know would do the same for me, we are few and far between Yes 3

A wise man once told me 'Good people in today's world are extremely hard to find, when you do find someone like that you take hold of them and never let them go' ...... Good

This is the beauty about AA and other fellowship groups, despite the bad reason we found the rooms you will meet some of the best people you will ever truly meet in your entire life. Doesn't matter what walk of life you come from, if you can dig deep enough and become a humbler better version of yourself you will reach a happiness and state of contentment you never thought was possible. Now we must march on!!! LOL