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+ 3 Happy Thanksgiving !

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Hey everybody I want to to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. I personally want to thank everybody on this group for not being just here for each other but for me too.
I'm thankful for a family I have here on this group.
Like minded people.
no matter what happens today or doesn't happen
Good or the bad..
Have a happy Thanksgiving
Life on life terms my bros.

(Even if you're alone just eating some meal prep chicken)

I love ya and you got a family here


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You are all some solid cats the only people I really like on the site.
Hope you all had a good tday, my one and a half year old son was vibing first year with solid foods.made sure to where clothes to big to avoid stealing my boys thunder.

Christ is king lads never forget

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I like this holiday because it has a soul. he gives an extra reason for all loved ones to gather and people shine with happiness. when you see it from the outside, you understand what to live for.

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Happy Thanksgiving , let this day fill you in a special way and bring you a lot of positive emotions.
You guys also with this holiday, let it be truly warm and homely.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you Brother. Thank you for your work. I really appreciate you. Have a good day to you and most importantly I wish that your family and children are near, this day will come. Sure.

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Thats right my brother Happy thanksgiving to all and if your going through it this holiday your not alone.
My respects and love to everyone out there struggling and pushing through one day at a time.

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Happy Thanksgiving brothers! Keep your heads up and always be thankful that we are here to live another day. Lets make it the best it can be.

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Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!! No matter how bad things can get in our heads. When I’m on our family’s site it always brings a smile to my face. Take care brothers!

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I will Wish Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving also even though it doesn't really mean anything coming from an Englishman LMAO!!!

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And you brother, happy thanksgiving. I am European. But I have many American friends and we have been celebrating this day together for a long time, it's fun and family-friendly

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Lol it's always the thought!
Just for my boy press I'm calling my bros mate today.
You can be in my Thanksgiving if you won't to or not ;)

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Funniest thing is buddy is half the people who hear ya say it for the first time think you are Australian rather than British hahaha

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