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How's everybody doing. Been working alot haven't haven't posted in a while. Hope all is well. Been big week for me. Completed probation Friday and now a free man. I was looking at 4 years in prison on a technicalitie and it has been so stressful. And yet it didn't cause me to drink.. today I have faith. Day to day it hard but whatever happens you just gotta keep (trudging the road of happy destiny) as it says in the book.... walk with a purpose.
Many blessings to you all

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@Brozowki265 is spot on. Nice, Bro! When you have been to hell and back and still moving forward, you are a proven trooper. I joined this forum to help, refresh/add to my own strengths and be there when I can for others. I am that guy my friends come to in person.

Day to day for me is waking up right off the rip with a fresh start. Drop yesterday’s, arguments, drama, etc… When you do that, those opportunities appear that have always been there! “Keep it humble, keep it real, even if you stumble, have no fear, just sign a “New day deal”, son…Now I’m gonna go pick me one -- My guitar is calling! Peace ✌ --

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That's what's up my brother.bwe so worried about tomorrow we forget to live in the today. Gotta stay humble no matter what. It's funny how life can humble us when we "think we on top". It's all our attit and how we. Carry ourselves in life. Took me along time to learn that. Sweet bro. Jam!

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Very Happy to hear that Buddy!! I remember back years ago when I was looking at possible prison time on something and it was kinda 50 / 50 on whether it would happen or not, I think if the Judge was an arsehole that day it easily could of been - & lets face it Press's little arse wouldn't survive in prison LMFAO ROFL
I used it as an excuse to get smashed and wasted every day up until the court date and even in court I made sure I was pissed - luckily they took pity on me as they saw what a state I had become and put me on 100's of hours of community service and 18 months probation. Now the absolute worst state of mind I could be in is to be drunk and hungover all the time when dealing with a stressful situation, We live and learn mate.


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I'm so glad it's over with. Everytime I got in car to go work I'm like I'm I gonna speed or accidently get a traffic violation and go to prison on dumb shit. It's so freeing man. I haven't felt free in years. Happy Xmas my bros